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Venados beat Astros in Lodobom 96-81

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – A Victory That Tastes Like Glory, That Was Mazatlan Deer last night lobodome gymwhen they beat 96-81…

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – A Victory That Tastes Like Glory, That Was Mazatlan Deer last night lobodome gymwhen they beat 96-81 Jalisco Stars In the first duel of the Cibacopa series played in the port.

With the obligation to win to get out of the last places, Venados restarted their efforts against some of the Astros who wanted to stay on the right track. led by newcomer Xavier White and Ricardo CalataudeThe Reds made Lobodom feel 24–19 taking the first quarter.

For the second quarter, the Jalisco men reacted to Venados’ hammer blows and fired several three-point shots. Karim RodriguezTo shorten the distance on the board just before the break, however, the Buenos Aires men did not lower their arms, and managed to continue 48–47.

Returning from the break, the port reds would apply a frenzied rhythm, and with a great defense by the Cameroonian gaston assangueHandcuffed the attacks of Tapatios, who did not get the encirclement on several occasions, unlike Venados, who sealed a very effective third quarter with 73–63 in his side.

Venados won the first of the series
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Already in the last quarter, the Reds’ party was going to be strong, as the changes of Coach Marcelo Elusich They came out to the letter, and with the entrance of George “Pocholo” Casillas The game turned into balanced plays that ended in points for the locals, while the Astros never scored a goal, suffering a painful 96–81 final defeat.

Javier White was the hero of Venados with 30 points, followed by Germont Horton with 17, and Gaston Essengue with 14, while Karim Rodriguez was out for the Astros with 17 points and Jordan Loveridge with 16 points. to account.

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The second match of the series between Cinalones and Tapatios will be played this Wednesday at 8:15 pm at the gym of the Autonomous University of Durango Mazatlán.

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