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Vargas’s Honeymoon With Passersby

With all reservations, Ahom Passistas took what Governor Rubén Rocha Moya said yesterday, following the removal of Hector Melecio Cuen…

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With all reservations, Ahom Passistas took what Governor Rubén Rocha Moya said yesterday, following the removal of Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda as health secretary for not withdrawing complaints filed against journalists, including EL. There will be no witch hunt against. Debate columnist Luis Enrique Ramirez, recently murdered. And it is that there are some who loosened the body because it is a sign that they are going to continue with the “bone”, but others are not so sure because they are clear that Rocha Moya can say one thing , after a while he can do another. The most obvious example is his dealings with his leader: one day he adjusted to it and after a while he saw it with himself as if nothing had happened. until he ran away. That is why what Rocha Moya said that he is not going to fire the pastists who are in his government, they believe it and do not believe it. They are in uncertainty. ,

In the same line is the mayor of Ahom, Gerardo Vargas Landros, who said he has a very good relationship with the officials and councilors of the Sinalones party. Members of his cabinet from that party did not think to take him down the street, emulating Governor Rubén Rocha, who fired Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda as health secretary. Vargas Landeros practically approved Alma Marian Fierro Arroyo as director of education and Rodolfo Ramos as director of the Municipal Youth Institute, handed over to the PAS after the electoral process they went through together. He also mentioned the councilors Carlos Roberto Valle Saracho, Marisol Morales and Jesus Ramón Salmerón. In reality, they have a honeymoon, but for how long is not known because if one party or the other gets the ‘top’ line, then things are going to be good there.

It is a matter of days for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to organize and conduct an indigenous consultation on the fertilizer plant in Topolobampo, ordered by the Sixth District Court and confirmed by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of the nation. , The final decision of the Emparo trial, filed by the indigenous community of Lazaro Cardenas, has already been communicated to Semarnat, so it must follow immediately. That is why it is logical to say what Arturo Moya, general director of Pacific’s gas and petrochemical company, said this month. Yesterday, Moya met the farmers and they are so confident that this project is about to become a reality.

They say some of the trustees were “blown away” yesterday after receiving guidance to make arrangements in the dependencies of the commune. Secretary Gennaro García Castro sent him “dreams”, who also told him that the rapprochement with administration officials was unprecedented. Let’s see if it is true that trustees learn classes and manage to solve problems in towns and, above all, officials answer them.

Vargas’s Honeymoon With Passersby

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