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Vanessa Guzman wears a luxury two-piece swimsuit

Vanessa GuzmaniThe 46-year-old continues to share with her fans that she has one of the best working figures in the…

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Vanessa GuzmaniThe 46-year-old continues to share with her fans that she has one of the best working figures in the entertainment world, after appearing in this two-piece swimsuit with which she slays everyone with a square-eyed look. She leaves because she keeps giving everything for exercise.

And it is that, as many already know, Vanessa Guzman retired from soap operas for a moment, betting everything in the fitness world, which saw her give everything in her training. But it’s in his diet that he’s left the public shocked, as it scales out all of its parts to achieve those killer results.

“#tbt from my most recent #KlashSeries contest, nothing is left for the next one! Thanks to my sponsor @angelcompetitionbikinis for my incredible bikinis, poses, gowns and more!! Everything is amazing”, Vanessa Guzman on Network Write social.

As if that wasn’t enough, her fans are back in the news, as many adore the former beauty queen with this new physical transformation, but others have shown their indifference that they have launched hatred against her, some That doesn’t matter to him, because he’s happy with everything he’s achieved in recent months, where he’s also won competitions.

“What a beauty of a woman, please train me, I salute your appreciation and respect for what you do, I really love what you do!!!!!”, “All gyms An example for lovers to follow”, “Diosssss!!!, What discipline, what willpower, what great commitment and what a beauty of a woman! Competence”, “Beautiful! You look really fabulous Vanessa! How beautiful” And what figure”, write social networks.

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Significantly, another phase that she is thoroughly enjoying is that she recently became a grandmother, for which she shares her best moments with her granddaughter, which drives her crazy, as it is a And that’s the reason why everyone who is now passionate about bodybuilding gave her everything, although many people want her in acting as well.

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Vanessa Guzman wears a luxury two-piece swimsuit

2022-05-14 14:24:52