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US receives response from referee commission

Mexico City. – Club America was relegated to a deed by whistler Luis Enrique Santander in the first leg against…

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Mexico City. – Club America was relegated to a deed by whistler Luis Enrique Santander in the first leg against Club Puebla, injuring his football player Federico Vias, including a foul received in the match by Luis Fuentes Included. Quarter Finals.

The Eagles decided to send a letter to the Arbitration Commission, which was deemed “very good arbitration” at Cuoutémoc Stadium. Sources told ESPN that the commission “would not have found an argument for anything else”, Federico’s about the situation.

Charas had to leave the game and hours later photos on social networks showed how his leg was dropped after a strong contact that caused him to be thrown out in the misfortune car so that striker Henri Martin could take his place for the rest of the game.

20 minutes of play was completed and Uruguay got a tremendous touch from Juan Pablo Segovia. The American football player expressed his condolence on the grounds that after a review the paramedics decided he had to leave the exchange and return to Mexico City immediately.

The Eagles ruled out the fracture of Federico Venus, although the player is doubtful for the second leg and this causes the institution’s annoyance due to the current crisis in the Mexican arbitration which itself is not well known and respected by the participating teams.

There were a number of fouls that began to damage the future of the game and certainly did not go unnoticed by the Azulcrema franchise. In the next few hours, the diagnosis of Federico Venus will be known, as well as the diagnosis of Guaraní Richard Sánchez, who had suffered a stroke.

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The second leg will be played next Saturday at the Azteca Stadium. America managed to tie the game in the final part of the match thanks to a header from Sebastian Casares. You need a minimum tie to reach the semi-finals.

US receives response from referee commission

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