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US officials will analyze fentanyl smuggling in Mexico

Todd D. RobinsonThis Wednesday AMLO arrives in Mexican territory to discuss with the government Prevention of fentanyl smuggling Among other…

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Todd D. RobinsonThis Wednesday AMLO arrives in Mexican territory to discuss with the government Prevention of fentanyl smuggling Among other drugs, the State Department announced.

Fentanyl is a drug derived from opium And, like morphine, it is commonly prescribed to patients suffering from unbearable pain. It is also illegally smuggled and consumed in combination with other drugs.

According to the commission to combat trafficking in synthetic opioids, Mexico is listed as a “main source” of fentanyl smuggling. The cause of consumption of this and other substances, as reported by the commission last February, was Over 100 thousand overdose deaths In just one year in the United States.

Todd Robinson and Serena Hoy, deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, López Obrador will study Wednesday with cabinet officials. “The urgent need for bilateral action to stop the production and smuggling of fentanyl” Reported to the State Department.

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In turn, they will tackle issues related to progress made in the framework of the Bicentenary on Security, Public Health and Safe Communities on both sides of the border between Mexico and the United States, and discuss measures to improve border security.

Robinson is set for Attend Tijuana on Thursdays, A Strategic Border Infrastructure Forum where priorities and necessary modernization of the region will be discussed.

As always in these meetings, the issue of migration will also occupy an important place among the topics to be analysed.

In the month of March alone, 221,303 undocumented immigrants were detained at the neighboring country’s southern border, according to the United States Office of Customs and Border Protection.

The number is expected to rise after May 23 when a sanitary regulation (“Title 42”) that was in force during the Covid-19 pandemic gave the United States the right to expel the majority of undocumented immigrants , ceased to apply..

The US ambassador to Mexico visits the palace, presumably, to discuss issues related to the summit of America

Ken Salazar, US Ambassador In Mexico, AMLO intended not to appear in public when the palace was seen on this Tuesday America’s summit If not all countries in the region are present.

sAnd it is still unknown whether he eventually met AMLO? Since he left the venue without going to the press.

During its morning conference, AMLO announced its intention to peaceful protest not participate in a meeting from which the representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are excluded

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