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US is already in Puebla and ‘fears’ rival

Puebla. – Club America traveled to Puebla and is already in the state to face the first leg of the…

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Puebla. – Club America traveled to Puebla and is already in the state to face the first leg of the quarter-final against the ‘Larcaboys’, who passed in the league by playing a playoff match against Mazatlán FC, scoring a penalty. Duel in the series won. ,

Fourth and fifth will rival and Kuoutemok Stadium is the first stage that will open its tickets so that fans can admire a show. Abilities will level up but as each ends, the eagle has a higher value for taking the chain.

It will be the first time in the last two tournaments that Club America will face the big party without Santiago Solari, a coach who was sacked in the first half of Clausura 2022 due to poor results, which did not allow the winged ones a chance to return. Had given. for the final.

Fernando Ortiz came to the rescue as an interim and in his current project he will be living his first league. With the good pace that the Rajdhani team manages, we see a motivated and confident group moving into their positions as well as reconnecting with their fans who are looking to overcome the quarterfinals. Keep the faith.

Upon arrival at the Concentration Hotel, the players were received by media personnel, although a short distance away followers gathered to welcome the players, who thanked them for their presence despite the interval by making a good gesture.

Club America has not passed the quarterfinals since Liga MX changed the competition format. They fell against Chivas in Guard1nes 2020, while Tuzos eliminated them in Guard1nes Clausura 2021 and their final executioner was Pumas UNAM in Apertura 2021.

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Club Puebla, on the other hand, does not fall short, as in the same way they had their line to cross the quarterfinals, a stage they did not achieve in Guard1nes 2020 and in Apertura 2021, it happened in Guard1nes Clausura 2021. They got a pass for the semi-finals but would be eliminated by Santos Laguna before the final.