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Unresolved complaint of harassment of Ahom Nagar police station

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Once again in the face of the desperation of Dignora Valdez López, who asks if harassment…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Once again in the face of the desperation of Dignora Valdez López, who asks if harassment complaint Sexual relations registered against the commanders of Secretariat of Public Safety and Civil Defense Of Ahom, Julio Cesare Romanillo Montoya stressed that the issue is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Commission for Honor and Justice.

In this regard the secretary of the corporation in Ahom in the interview mentioned the fact that this body should be said that the resolution of the complaint filed for this offense is from the same agent, though at the same time before the human rights as per the present complaint, More elements are affected.

“I would like to clarify that this is not the police, this is an aide who has submitted the document to the undersigned in my capacity as Secretary of Security. This document was immediately handed over to the Commission of Honor and Justice for resolution, my It has no interference, it is a completely autonomous internal body and is not dependent on its servant.”

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Similarly, he remarked that as an authority he has an obligation to act accordingly, it is one or more of the elements that condemn some irregular act, for which he reiterated that the subject should be unblocked in the Commission. Will, alluding to the fact that this is something that takes time and it is not okay that they want to avoid it, as agents fear.

“With regard to the Commission, it is a completely foreign body, you may ask any member if I meet him. As the head of the corporation, of course I have called upon all the members of the corporation so that they Do not insult neither any woman nor any man and the proof is that we are training them because call is not enough but we have to take action.

Who is responsible for knowing, integrating and resolving these situations legally, is the Honor and Justice Commission, the municipal official said.

“I repeat, I have no interference, you can read our applicable legal rules, public servant can only do what the law says. As a public servant I have to have great respect for laws, I am something like Can’t begin to resolve what I don’t belong to.”

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To conclude, he has a full commitment to continue to take preventive actions for this type of crime such as harassment, discrimination, while also confirming that he has been in contact with Dignora Valdez on several occasions.

“We are training ourselves, we have received training from State Human Rights Commission and Women’s Municipality Secretariat, we are putting a lot of emphasis on this issue. Every time she comes to my office I met her on several occasions Am. With great pleasure, she is well received, as are all companions”.

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