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  A large part of the Next Generation-EU (NG-EU) European Fund will finance digitization processes, a term that sounds cool…

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A large part of the Next Generation-EU (NG-EU) European Fund will finance digitization processes, a term that sounds cool but is hard to get off until it is understood. In business, digitization means making decisions based on big data from the Internet of Things (IoT), printing products with a 3D printer, using drones or associating products with a digital passport. These digital passports provide accurate, public and indestructible information to all participants in a product’s value chain until it reaches the end consumer. The digitization processes that we have come to know so far and which means, mainly from carrying out the processes in person or by telephone to doing them through one. ApplicationAlready the new ones have overtaken digitization.

To get a solid idea of ​​what digitization is all about, consider that Banco Santander designed its entire plan to be executed in five years and the pandemic forced it to do so in one go. This has allowed the closure of branches, the forced early retirement of a large portion of its relatively young workforce, the maintenance of benefits and, from another angle, the trapping of thousands of users unrelated to digital processes among the most complete orphans of services. financial.

Public administration was already working on the lines of this old digitization and the pandemic also gave it a boost. But, what is the difference between digitization and governance of companies? Another lack of thinness. The lack of adjustment, if it had happened, would have allowed for a significant reduction in taxes. Why such disparate results before the same procedure?

The already abolished legislature in Andalusia helps to answer this question. On January 15, 2019, The SAT Union (successor of Syndicato Obreros del Campo, an ally of Heri Batasuna for decades) called for a siege of the regional parliament of Andalusia, with the appointment of Juan Manuel Moreno as the new president. The call for radical union was also joined by institutional unionists and former socialist president Susannah Diaz. The challenge to parliament showed not only a disapproval of the vote of the more than 800,000 Andalusians who supported Vox’s candidacy, but also a hypothetical reduction in “rights”. before the letter,

The message immediately reached the PP-CS coalition government; Not even one per cent of any budget item was to be abolished so as not to instigate the rebellion of the administrative staff who had been partly in the fishing grounds of socialist extremism and recruited for nearly four decades. It should be remembered that in 2019, the Catalan independence movement failed to draw institutional unions into a “country strike”, despite the fact that the UGT and CCOO in Catalonia actively cooperated in favor of secession (and continue to do so). kept). In short, the revolt of the administration was a definite risk.

Fears of public personnel revolt almost immediately slowed the regional administration’s commitments to audits of the so-called “parallel public sector”, which sought to end abuses of “socialist rule”. Author Paco Robles. As of 2021, a year before the end of the legislature, operational audits contracted by the Andalusian government with private companies were not published and only to audit 54 entities of the so-called “instrumental sector”. The rest of the public sector of Andalusia was excluded from this process.

Reports from contracted auditing companies point to overlap between the audited entities and others that already exist; They show a panorama of repetition in a world rife with digitization and thinning of structures. Let us give some examples.

There are six foundations with very similar powers, all dependent on the Ministry of Health and Family, and they cost more than 120 million euros per year. These six foundations co-exist with six other public business agencies that operate as independent spending decision centers, recalling benefits that not only allow for integrated management, but more such as consortium contracts of supply. There are also flexible threads that can later be shared effectively through a modern logistics system. For the benefit of patients and their families. Foundations receiving funding for research work autonomously from health science research departments of Andalusian universities, where high-profile but poorly paid researchers work.

Another example along the same lines is the PwC report after evaluating the Andalusian Environment and Water Agency, which also participates in the ownership of eight entities, one of which is insolvent and the other is in liquidation. INFOCA relies on the same agency whose average age is insufficient for the tasks assigned to its employees. The conclusion of the auditor’s report may not be clear if it states that the agency has not complied with the provisions of its laws regarding the planning and monitoring of its activities.

Rulers can live in a metaverse parallel to the real universe of the road without having to deal with everyday issues. First, digitization allows neither administrative reduction, nor reduction in taxes, and what is more important, resolves the imbalance of maintaining some services that are undervalued and others which are high. In Andalusia, I think the regional government has been very close to the memory of the call to surround Parliament in 2019. The page must be turned and that means stopping Manicheon and making childish displays of potential government partners.

  • Jose Manuel Casino He is Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Seville and an academic at the Autonomous University of Chile