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Amalia Granata She is characterized by saying what she thinks and not interested in being too harsh about it. Showcasing…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

Amalia Granata She is characterized by saying what she thinks and not interested in being too harsh about it. Showcasing your column with Marcelo Polino You Mariana BreuSaid there’s a television program he can’t stand and can’t even watch. His revelation shook everyone.

During his time in “Pollino Autántico” at Radio Mater, the Santa Fe province deputy is in charge of creating the top 10 most-watched programs weekly. but without words grenade admitted that he hates the bicycle driven by V. flower of,

“Fugitiva was the most viewed of the week and the truth is it surprised me but it took first place in our weekly ranking. Second place «El Primero de Nosotros» with 11.1 points, 3rd place «Los 8 Escalones» Fourth place for 10.2 and for ‘The Hotel of the Famous’, which increased by two points, is now at 10″.started AmaliaTo analyze the performance of various programs of the most important media in the country.

“The intruders picked up that they were making 2.5 points, week one it was 2.8, great for the intruders despite the fact… I hate them! Nice explanation vs “The Trouble Show” which did 2.1″The panelists said, making it clear that she does not propose or in the slightest the gossip cycle. “be careful what you say programming managers are also called by your column, we are on air or not”he accepted Rome For his partner, who has already had many problems because of his statements on the radio.

Granata and Flor de la V. conflict between

This is not the first time Amalia Granata Shows a certain distaste for intruders. It all started when the deputy appeared in Manisima. grenade Declared that trans people have “privileges” that they did not have before and that they want to get more benefits from the state.

face these things, V. flower of furious to protest Amalia and declared in intruders: “The state is not doing us a favor by giving us hormones. What he is doing for the first time in more than 40 years is a historic compensation for a group that has been denied, made invisible and nearly wiped out by this violent and patriarchal society.He said and added: “What he said is part of a hate speech that the only thing he does is divide and widen the rift, depriving us of the possibility to live as freely in society as we all deserve”, From that moment on, the bad vibes between the two became very evident and they continued to star in various confrontations both on TV and on social networks. . more information on



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