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UNESCO condemns murder of EL debate columnist

Sinaloa.- author of Murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez should be brought to justice, demanded UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and…

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Sinaloa.- author of Murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez should be brought to justice, demanded UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

international condemnation

international body Condemned the murder of journalist and columnist Through an official statement signed by the Director-General of the Organization, Audrey Ajoyle, Director of UNESCO of EL DEBATE.

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“The murder of Ramirez reminds us once again of the high price that journalists are paying for their role as society’s watchdog,” the document released yesterday said.

For this reason, he says, it is necessary for the society as a whole to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice and take measures to strengthen the security mechanisms that guarantee a safe working environment to journalists. .

Azoylay specifies that UNESCO promotes the protection of journalists through global awareness campaigns, training programs, and the United Nations Action Plan on the Safety and Impunity of Journalists.


Leopoldo Maldonado Gutierrez, Regional Director of the Office for Mexico and Central America, Article 19, expressed regret that the murder of Luis Enrique Ramírez takes place in a convulsive context for the country.

It is also a cruel reminder of impunity in Sinaloa, he told EL Debate.

“10 days after the 5th anniversary of the assassination of another beloved journalist like Javier Valdez, it is a horrifying and brutal reminder that the press in Mexico is surrounded by political forces and real, legal and illegal powers, and that the authorities are Not responding to the needs of journalists,” he said.

He said journalists need justice, truth and compensation when these incidents happen, along with prevention and protection.

He made it clear that the main reason for these incidents to happen is precise impunity, which reaches 90 percent of journalists’ murders and that, in general, Article 19 for all attacks on the organization, this is 98 percent. Freedom from punishment


“Article 19, in addition to documenting these horrific events that 2022 may already be one of the deadliest years for the press, there were a total of 644 attacks against the press in 2021, including 7 murders per year in the past, Which represents one attack against the press in Mexico every 14 hours with an impunity level of 98 percent,” Maldonado Gutierrez said.

public speech

Article 19’s representative in Mexico and Central America, Maldonado Gutierrez, agreed with Rocio Gallegos, co-founder of Red de Periodistas de Juárez, pointing out that public discourse created an atmosphere of hostility and hostility against the press, beginning with the president. , Andres Manuel López Obrador, but also passing by state and municipal political actors who repeat and reproduce this discourse.

Rocio Gallegos said that from various dialogue tables, journalists put on the table the problem of violence faced by media personnel, but unfortunately, he said, impunity persists.

“We have to say that we are not the enemy of the state. We demand guarantee to complete our work,” he told EL Debate.

the figure

The famous EL DEBATE journalist, Luis Enrique Ramírez, was murdered on a dirt road south of Culiacán, Sinaloa. So far no concrete progress has been made in the investigation.

Reporters Without Borders calls for an immediate investigation into the murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez. Agency representative Balbina Flores said authorities should take action to resolve it.

The head of the federal government’s Office of Social Communications, Jess Ramírez, assured via Twitter that there would be no waiver in the case of Luis Enrique Ramírez. The President has not made any statement.

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The United States Embassy in Mexico condemned the killing of journalist Luis Enrique Ramirez, and in a tweet expressed solidarity with journalists who face any sort of threat.

Journalists across Sinaloa demonstrate to demand justice for the murder of journalist Luis Enrique Ramirez. The demonstration in Mazatlan lasted till yesterday.

FGE press conference for the murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez