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Uncertain future of 4,700 million of Qatar’s emir

I read with pleasure that the Emir of Qatar intends to invest 4,700 million euros in Spain. At a time…

By admin , in news , at May 20, 2022

I read with pleasure that the Emir of Qatar intends to invest 4,700 million euros in Spain. At a time when Spain’s economy is in recession, where paolo gentiloniThe European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs presents a report down-correcting Calvino’s forecasts, when bank of spain Announces a new revision at the bottom. when we know that inflation April, already confirmed, is 8.3%. when European Central Bank He’s starting to talk about raising interest rates in July, when debt has hit 1.45 trillion euros and we’ve borrowed 12,000 million more in March, when nothing looks good for the government. SanchezThis is big news for Spain.

Tamir bin Hamad Al ThanikWhoever is called rich deserves a toast and the moment he took the opportunity to announce that his country is going to invest in a toast in the face of 5,000 million US dollars, about 4,700 million euros. king Felipe VI and in the Royal Palace.

He deserves this toast for doing it, right, in front of the king, with whom we will stop Pedro Sánchez from medaling that it is thanks to the achievement of this investment for his “enormous effort”.

4,700 million euros for the Spanish economy, well invested, could generate growth of close to 0.4% of GDP and create 80 to 100 thousand jobs in the Spanish economy.

It is very important that the previous phrase, “well invested”, is fulfilled, and that money never comes, or passes out of Moncloa’s hands, because if it did, we would, as always, be a And will throw 4,700 million. President’s House.

I will be branded a traitor for playing with the Prime Minister at this point of time, but I cannot forget this:

1) Ministry Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda Budget 1.65 billion For MRR (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism) and at this point in the year very little or very little is known, ie nothing, what is happening with this item, or when will it reach the economy.

2) education Budget 570 million For the same mechanism and we are still waiting for them to tell us what they are investing in or what these funds are being used for.

3) Ministry Work Budget by Yolanda Diaz 1.15 billion Of the Euro, also in MRR, to the total change of SEPE (State Public Employment Service), of which we know nothing and we do not expect.

4) Ministry Industry and their 1.7 billion of MRR. A portion of those millions have been published in the call, but no one knows whether they have already been delivered or are still awaiting a decision at the Spanish Treasury.

5) ecological transition Budget 5.3 billion Those were being transferred to IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving), which has not stopped publishing mini competitions and macro competitions. The truth is that most of these contestants do not understand him or her. It is not very clear what exactly individuals and companies are asking or wanting when they compete for these funds.

I only mention here one trillion That this government has prepared a budget in principle to revive the economy. An economy that grew 0.3% in the first quarter and could have grown by 1% if the money had correctly reached the real economy.

But money does not come, money disappears, wealth is not received, and what is worse is that most of us think they will never come and they will disappear through that special sink that is present. moncloa,

But I read with dismay that the money was being handled through Moncloa. COFIDES (Spanish Development Financing Company), which reports to the Secretary of State for Business. I believe the rich have not been told what is happening with MRR or Next Generation Funds.

I believe that if they had told you that by now according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which has the misfortune of never getting it fixed, 6,000 million of the 19,000 employed from European funds have reached the real economy and those who are employed by Spanish companies. With less than 0.9%, it probably won’t be so funny to know that you and your citizens’ money can go to feed rats in the sewers of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

I don’t think QIA (Qatar Investment AuthorityBe happy knowing that your money is actually going to be of little use.

With this article I do not want to tell anyone not to invest in Spain, but on the contrary, invest, the better. That this is a country which has many potentials and many opportunities, but please do not give money to this government. With CEOE, with CEPYME, look for agreements with CEIM: let businessmen access funds.

At least in this way wealth will be created and they will recover their investment.

Uncertain future of 4,700 million of Qatar’s emir

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