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UN condemns torture in Mexico

Flights to Mochis are suspended. The airline administration ordered a new suspension of flights from Mochis to Culiacán for an…

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Flights to Mochis are suspended. The airline administration ordered a new suspension of flights from Mochis to Culiacán for an indefinite period starting on the 20th of this month, in order to complete the “restructuring” of the service. In this way, flights to Culiacán, which were in connection with Jet’s air service to Mexico, would be completely suspended indefinitely for both passengers and cargo. Canaco pointed out that this measure would cause great damage to the region. The decision was taken without hesitation.

Discover the Hawaiian Pirates. The Honduras army and air force have intensified a search for the bomber of a plane that parachuted with $303,000 to deliver an unidentified political group in South America. The man, who served as a US Air Force pilot in Vietnam, is believed to have commandeered an Eastern Airlines plane and forced the crew to fly from Allentown, Pennsylvania to Miami before parachuting into the Honduran jungle . The area where it was launched is very steep and isolated.

Celebrations for Sylvia Sandoval. In recent days, the beautiful Miss Sylvia Sandoval Armenta, the spoiled heiress of Don Damien Sandoval and Mrs. Ernestina Armenta de Sandoval, celebrated another year of happy existence. For this reason, a large group of young people came to his residence on Avenida Juárez, who gathered to celebrate and sent him their most affectionate expressions of affection. Mrs. de Sandoval was attentive and a wonderful hostess.

May 13, 1997
Doubts on the administration of justice.
The release of five involved in the kidnapping of a minor discourages the work of good PJE investigators and calls into question the justice administration system, the State Human Rights Commission questioned. ECHR President Jaime Cinco Soto said it is worrying that those involved in serious crimes such as kidnapping are released, but above all, the work of good judicial investigators is undermined by simple proposals.

The priest does not know Carlos Salinas. The Mexico City PRI is politically and morally different from former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, as it does not share the vision of the state with which it made some decisions in favor of the PAN, said Humberto Roque Villanueva, the national leader of the tricolor. . “The demarcation referring to the political and moral part has been done thoroughly. I have declared this emphatically and I repeat it: Carlos Salinas’ view of the state had more in common with PAN than with our own party. It’s a reality”, Roque declared.

The United Nations condemns torture in Mexico. Geneva. The United Nations Committee against Torture expressed its concern about the systematic practice of torture in Mexico and the punishment in which tyrants live. To address the problem, the Committee recommends that PGRs implement effective procedures to control compliance with duties and prohibitions by public officials.
According to the committee, Mexico reaffirmed its position against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, but the legal and administrative measures adopted by the government to eliminate these practices have not prevented their continuation. One report indicates that ending torture, in particular, corresponds to the PGR and its reliance and judicial power, to ensure the observance of abundant legal measures for its abolition in Mexico.

UN condemns torture in Mexico

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