Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Two more journalists killed in the crop of hatred

Hate speech … Fear of the harvest. The journalist who says that he is not shaken by fear at the…

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Hate speech … Fear of the harvest. The journalist who says that he is not shaken by fear at the moment, is lying. And indeed, a sigh of uncertainty has been breathed into the journalism world. There is an impression of being in the crosshairs of any criminal. Why? Because of the impunity of criminals, the violence that fills our country with blood and the hate speech that, from the National Palace, President López Obrador himself launched in his “morning” against journalists and the media. Five days ago, in Sinaloa, we were shaken by the murder of our fellow journalist, Luis Enrique Ramirez. It still hurts and annoys us. And yesterday, two Veracruz journalists were cleverly murdered while they were inside a car. Yesenia Molinedo, reporter and cameraman Johanna Garcia. Doubly outrage over their status as women and as mothers as well as journalists. Today 10 companions are no more with us. Mothers of all of them today have no reason to celebrate “May 10th”; Violence simply took away their right to continue enjoying their sons and daughters. While journalists are murdered in Mexico, the federal government, states and municipalities, repeating the same old saying, will do a thorough investigation, that they will find those responsible and that they will not be punished. shame on them! The journalistic society in Sinaloa and across the country is fed up with useless officials. Justice for Luis Enrique… justice to all the journalists killed and punishment to their killers. stop!

Mazatlan journalists demonstrate. In Mazatlan, journalists from various media took to the streets to demand justice for the murder of Comrade Luis Enrique Ramírez, who was killed in Culiacan five days earlier. Journalists stood next to Mazatlán’s letters, an icon that stands right next to the old Valentinos nightclub on Del Mar Avenue. With symbolic banners they demanded justice. Within minutes, journalists blocked Del Mar Avenue for their demand. At the same time, the protesters started getting information that two women journalists had been shot dead in Veracruz. Outrage increased. Mexico is in the hands of criminals who enjoy outright punishment for continuing to murder journalists. It doesn’t matter whether they are male or female. Poor Mexico.

They resign or withdraw the cases. Governor Rubén Rocha Moya was the direct one. He declared that whoever is part of the government and has sued a journalist, either withdraws the suit or submits his resignation. Rocha Moya’s intention is to make it clear that journalism should be respected. That freedom of conscience and expression should be at the top. Let the cunning murder of Comrade Luis Enrique Ramirez do some work. And which official(s) and mayor are suing the journalists?