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Twitter X-Rays: Two Problems Holding Your Business

If behind the purchase of all economic plots Twitter By Elon MuskWe find a better business that can deliver more…

By admin , in news , at May 22, 2022

If behind the purchase of all economic plots Twitter By Elon MuskWe find a better business that can deliver more value to its owners and users.

“Twitter is not going to fall decay If it fixes your problems. It is an excellent social network to inform, competing with the media in terms of speed. « Twitter was born as a network for sharing informationFirst the conversation and now it’s a bit more complicated».

Two sentences from two experts. first signature Jorge Garcia, Founder of Marketing Pardise, Specialist in Social Networks, Digital Marketing and Communications. is from the second Jose Antonio SheriffCEO and communications specialist at IllusionLabs.


The two face the challenge of analyzing Twitter’s X-rays to voice their opinion. problem and provide solutions. That’s one way to understand that Musk’s admission isn’t just an economic event.

Algorithm And this bot Two big problems could befall Twitter if no one takes action.

Jorge Garcia comes on stage and is briefly encouraged to explain the complaints he has made about the Twitter timeline. “People complain that they see tweets from people they don’t follow and aren’t interested in. meet more people noise what material. You can have an exhaustive list, but if someone you follow retweets another person, you can see that. People don’t want those reactions. The configuration you leave to the algorithm is worse than yours.”

If there is no bias or manipulation in the algorithm, then Twitter will be more importantIllusionLabs. CEO of Jose Antonio Sheriff

José Antonio Algucil assures that “conversations are controlled by algorithms” and states that “the open source This is the most radical and most important. If there is no bias or manipulation in the algorithm, then Twitter is going to be more important. If the community generates the development of the application, it will have more development. “It will be a self-controlled social network,” he explains.

Elon Musk has been candid and direct on the matter. have dedicated two Tweets To advise users to place their orders Fodder chronologically and don’t leave it in the hands of the algorithm. Declaration of intent when the audit on false accounts allows him to take command.

the second problem is bot, Fake accounts or those interested in diverting conversations or creating fake conversations. This practice has commercial status and there are companies dedicated to it. astroturfing,

For Sheriff, Delete bot “It’s hard and complicated work” and on the future check The essentials say “if you have to speak with a name and a surname you think twice”.

optimize income

From here we proceed down a trade path to exploitation and into which Musk seeks to fully take advantage of the downside. Facebook, If there is. Jorge Garcia assures that «Facebook’s decline is relative. The decline is increasing, young people are not coming to Facebook. But they are old and they have no other option. Facebook is about to stop, but those who are not going to stop.

Twitter is the quintessential tabloid of the 21st century and has ruthless influenceMarketing Paris. Founder of Jorge Garcia

Taking that premise for good, you need to figure out how you want to optimize Twitter revenue. Elon Musk, Jose Antonio Alguacil has no doubt that “if institutions and companies have to pay to represent themselves, a lot of money will be at stake.” There is almost a dark side to this tweet regulation because “many countries are panicking. is that 21st century newspaper Has the ability to have excellent and brutal impact».

Garcia shows off fake accounts, advertising and monetization. “It is said that if you haven’t paid for the product, the product is you. For companies, the problem is that Twitter doesn’t reach an audience with a certain audience. the division Because it is difficult for people to identify themselves. On Facebook, for example, they are” and reveals that “it’s difficult to be successful with ad segmentation because Twitter hasn’t identified its users.”

Sheriff called it “the algorithm is interested, If I’m an advertiser and I want to launch something, I might not be interested.”

value proposition

A basic example to understand Twitter’s ability to improve is highlighted by Jorge Garcia «The scope you are going with 1,000 euros on facebook That’s two or three times more than Twitter with the same investment. If a click on Twitter costs me 0.27 euros and on Facebook 0.12 euros and we increase it to thousands of tweets, the accounts do not come out ».

This is where Elon Musk has to make sure Twitter has a real value proposition and is worth investing in. And all this without changing the nature of the social network. it’s not just about political correctness And of money. There is a business to be exploited.

Twitter X-Rays: Two Problems Holding Your Business

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