Friday, September 30, 2022
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Twenty-year-old Laura G. Venga steals eyes at La Alegria

Laura Go At the age of 36, she came to the Venga La Alegria Forum as a twentysomething and her…

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Laura Go At the age of 36, she came to the Venga La Alegria Forum as a twentysomething and her look was very flirtatious and it is that for months the famous has been seen with very trendy clothes without obscenity so she has to wear this Can be seen with a two-piece outfit. Stole the look.

With a flowing skirt in pastel pink, a long-sleeved satin blouse in pearl color and very natural waves of hair, it was the wardrobe with which Laura G fell in love with her fans, who told her she looked fabulous. Yes, she also wanted host Cynthia Rodriguez to look beautiful for her friend’s birthday.

“You look so beautiful all the things you’ve always been doing and are the most incredible in the world and I will always love them, I will always love them so much”, “What a beautiful girl, what a shame They lost The Speechless. Good week, @lauragii”, “How beautiful you are Laura, have a nice Monday starting in May”, the network writes of the said presenter’s beauty.

And it is that it has been said many times in the past that Laura G dressed like a much older woman so she could respond to the claims of her fans, who now give her a rating of ten that she loves these designs. How beautiful do you look with Not only does she look beautiful, but she also remembers very young when she appeared in Sabadazzo years ago.

As if that wasn’t enough, celebrity Vaenga feels overjoyed at La Alegria, where she’s been appearing for quite some time and talking about the show, where she makes a great dumbbell with her co-workers, It has also proven itself to be a great element in the dawn of the Azteca.

Significantly, the famous woman has also faced the famous hatred that exists on social networks, as many people do not like the idea of ​​seeing her in the morning, but far from fighting like a true woman, she tries everything that she can. Ignore what is said about him doing less scandals.

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