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Tua Tagovailoa is backed by his offensive coordinator

offensively, miami dolphins In addition to this . Has All the Tools to Shine Perfectly in the 2022 NFL Season…

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offensively, miami dolphins In addition to this . Has All the Tools to Shine Perfectly in the 2022 NFL Season With tyrek hillRahim Mostart, Y sony michelle,

Dolphins will be accompanied by their new head coach Mike McDanieland offensive coordinator at frank smithNot to be bothered by later rumours, his starting quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, doesn’t have a powerful hand enough to throw off Hill, or last year’s rookie sensation, for long enough, Jaylen Waddle,

,I would not say that we are limiting ourselves in anything. In fact, he’s doing a great job – every day he’s creating different routes, different things we’re trying to accomplish with the receiver. So I would say what we’ve done so far has been extremely optimistic because there are some things in our progress and readings and their ability to move forward with their progress. This has been amazing for a person who has only been in the system for a month.“, Dijo Smith Para Sports Illustrated.

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Similarly, Smith assures that Tua Tagovailoa appeared in excellent form, and that the accuracy shown so far has greatly satisfied everyone.

“Oh, physically he’s been good. I mean, the one thing that’s unique about him is his ability to play the fundamentals and accuracy on the ball. At this time of year we’re all over the Root Tree, all the different Working through concepts and all. Stuff is needed by and for the wide receiver. And the runner. So the only thing is his ability to process the pitch and deliver the football where we need him.”Smith said.

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Last year, second in the team, Tua dropped 2,653 passing yards, 16 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions, with 67.8 percent efficiency in full passes, numbers that improved in his first year, but he is expected to be in 2022. Aristocrat class.

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Tua Tagovailoa is backed by his offensive coordinator

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