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Truck ran over family on Mother’s Day in USA

sad mother’s Day I encountered a family America When they were involved in an accident caused by a cargo driver…

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sad mother’s Day I encountered a family America When they were involved in an accident caused by a cargo driver fleeing a situation for which there is no precise explanation as of now. This tragic incident happened at 167th Street and 120th Avenue in Queens, New York, USA

via a video broadcast in social media The incident was uncovered and became relevant as the hours passed. The incident is undoubtedly shocking.

It all starts with a cargo vehicle stopping at a corner, when it suddenly starts to back away from what’s behind it. a family He was about to get in his car. As family members unexpectedly retreat, a woman, a man and a girl are shocked, without giving them time to get out of the way of the heavy vehicle, so it collides with them and presses them against their own car. Then the driver of the truck of the company “Pawar Builders” The exodus began.

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The local police noted that, as a result of the brutal accident, a 49 year old woman She had to be admitted to a Jamaica hospital as an emergency, as her health condition was stated to be critical. Fortunately neither the girl nor the man had to be admitted as the injuries were much less than that of the woman.

Regarding the heavy-duty vehicle, officials remarked that it was a robbery report, which was done just two hours before the incident. The truck was located two kilometers later at the intersection of 108th Avenue and 164th Avenue in Queens.

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