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trouble reaches the sky

Having some of the best pilots and air traffic controllers in the world, aviation in Mexico has never been more…

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Having some of the best pilots and air traffic controllers in the world, aviation in Mexico has never been more critical and riskier, following the airspace redesign undertaken by this government as a result of the creation of Felipe ngeles . air port.

Benito Juárez has never been a model of operations and even that is not short of facilities. Flight congestion puts operations at risk, and causes delays, diversions and days of inclement weather, not to mention. Terminal 1 is an embarrassment, patched up, dirty, narrow, inadequate, like Terminal 2, which is sinking day by day, both smelly and full of commercial concessions that further complicate access, according to officials. With flea markets engaged more than business in traveler safety and mobility.

This aircraft terminal operates with more than one operation per minute within its limits, a further risk that has been magnified by this redesign of the airspace that includes, according to national and international complaints, the operations, crew and passengers. The incidents that endanger the lives of people have increased manifold. pilot

The situation reached a crisis in Benito Juárez on Saturday, when a Volaris aircraft was authorized to land on runway 5-I, waiting for another to take off head-on. Only the skill of the pilot prevented the tragedy.

And once again we are facing yet another manifestation of this government’s lack of managerial capacity when an airfield has been redesigned and equipment has not been provided, nor is it possible to operate it efficiently and safely. for technical or human capability.

Thus things in a stellar time of 4-T.


1. Transfer.- Regarding this, yesterday at a meeting with Secretary Aidan Augusto López Hernández, officials and airlines agreed to cut 25 percent of flights from Benito Juárez and move them to Felipe Angels, as the president wanted. On Thursday, Undersecretary Rogelio Jiménez Ponce said he would cut ten percent, thirty newspapers. Let’s see how;

2. Silence.- On Friday, Ricardo Sheffield accused the Interior Secretary of doing politics by appointing three profeco officers, in order to relieve his closest accused of corruption. He also said that he was with the President and that he did not say anything to him. Yesterday he was with her again, in the morning, and what he didn’t say was it, Sheffield; You

3. Management.- López Obrador reiterated to Cuban President Diaz-Canel that he, along with Joe Biden, would urge Cuba not to exclude Cuba from next month’s US summit in Los Angeles. He will also do it for Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro. They will say no to him, but he will not stop participating, as has been said, and he will be the voice of Mexico and absent dictators.
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