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Treasure continues with its party: 3,923 million more in collections in April

I remember well when, in January 2016, I answered this Mariano RajoyWith the phrase of, the coalition with the PP…

By admin , in news , at June 2, 2022

I remember well when, in January 2016, I answered this Mariano RajoyWith the phrase of, the coalition with the PP is not meant to form the government.

of course it is a phrase our president likes And this is repeated more than garlic and onion combined in any dish that our head of government must consume in La Moncloa.

He, like Juan Martín, remains stubborn to support it and not to amend it.

And if necessary, he will die in the attempt, but what is important to him is to continue to sleep on his viscoelastic mattress, which was released four years ago and which is his size and adapted to his body.

is not and is not will not reduce taxesDon’t optimize the income tax calculation grounds either, lest Ayuso is correct in his intent and becomes simply a “mimicry”.

It is not, but not because he is stubborn, which he is, but because of his stubbornness, The government collected 86,000 million euros in the first four months of the yearSocial Security doesn’t count.

If he had not applied then it is not no, now there would not have been 13,144 crores in the state. to spend it on trinketsIn lollipops and in various suckers that people around him like.

It is not because in this way it also drowns millions of Spaniards, who do not make a living. Spaniards who must ask for assistance and who apply from their office in Moncloa minimum significant income, changed its name, which would serve the same purpose, without taking for granted that the measure, implemented in 2020 to prevent bankruptcy of humble people, is still used today, that many people still receive it. do not, unless the unions prebend on its processing. It was expected that 1 million households would receive it and only 300,000 would receive it.

not because In April, 3,923 million euros were added to the state treasury. compared to the month of April of last year, and which is used to pay for 2030 agenda parties, which take their government allies, who take more money from them every day, to work less, but More stupid and useless. Just remember the past lives of these ministers who do nothing but waste time by putting out sexist posters against judges.

It is not, because it has raised 4,420 million euros more in personal income tax for the Spanish people than if it were in the hands of the “stupid people” who control, they would have spent it on things that would help the growth of our economy. And that’s because they don’t mind tipping the scales of the collection.

not because 5,554 million euros remains thanks to higher inflation The collection of VAT and apparently happened because the Spaniards, “we do not know how to buy the necessary products for the shopping cart”.

It’s not because, although I didn’t break it here, Have collected 69% more in corporate taxBecause as the Treasury estimates that companies are going to earn more this year than last year, it has adjusted earnings to account and, therefore, The government takes 1,900 million euros to its coffers,

In short, the blame lies with the cha-cha-cha of inflation, which is very damaging, but it gives the government an opportunity to hoard. 18.1% more As compared to the previous year, without making a single effort physical or mental to achieve it.

Let’s get serious:Which is 13,000 million euro more upsetWhich are already in Treasury accounts, and that, like Santa Rita, Rita, Rita, what is given is not taken?

Sánchez and his socialist-communist government don’t care about the people, they don’t care about the humble people who have a hard time and who can’t make a living, don’t care about the self-employed or SMEs. the only thing that matters 13,000 million euros go to buy friends, votes, wills and related media for it to remain in power.

So my dear readers, until we kick him out, we will have to live with his no es no pero permanently, though he he doesn’t want to admit itEach day has the most days.

Treasure continues with its party: 3,923 million more in collections in April

2022-06-02 02:38:32