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Tracklist of “Proof”, group BTS . new album of

South Korean group btsNamed “Next Generation Leaders” by American magazine TIME, will launch on June 10 Compilation Album “Evidence”With which,…

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South Korean group btsNamed “Next Generation Leaders” by American magazine TIME, will launch on June 10 Compilation Album “Evidence”With which, with ARMY, they will tour the band’s past, celebrate their present and reflect deeply on their future.

An anthology album featuring BTS history will be released as they look to their past efforts as active artists for nine years to begin a new chapter, the report said. big hit music through a statement.

bts new albummade of Three CDs with a wide variety of musical themesWith all new songs, “which reflects the views and opinions of members about BTS’s past, present and future.” through the official social network of “Kings of Pop”Big Hit Music (the agency that represents them), released l Tracklist meets “evidence”,

Tracklist Dell CD 1 Day “Proof”,

  • born singer
  • no more dream
  • No
  • Boy In Luv
  • to risk
  • i need you
  • DAUD
  • fire
  • tears of blood
  • spring day
  • DNA
  • False Love
  • image
  • boy with love
  • Feather
  • gunpowder
  • life goes on
  • butter
  • yet to come

It is worth mentioning that The title track of the anthology album will be “Abhi Aana Aana”. by Bangtan Sonyeondan. RM, Suga and J-Hope participated in the song and composition.

Tracklist Dell CD 2D “Proof”,

  • run bts
  • Enter: Person
  • live
  • moon
  • never seen
  • Trivia: Sisav
  • Cypher pt.3: Assassin
  • Other: Ego
  • His
  • Filter
  • Friend
  • Persona
  • 00:00 (zero o’clock)
  • enthusiasm
  • shaking

on this CD, army enjoy your solo songs RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Wei Y JungkookSub-units and interpretations of rap and vocal lines.

According to Big Hit Music, the first CD is “The BTS Chronicles” and the CD 2 reflects the colors and musical tastes of each member of the boy band, “and how it all, together, makes up the allure of BTS.” , The tracklist for disc two was chosen by Idol.

BTS was started on 13 June 2013.

Tracklist Dell CD 3D “Proof”,

  • Jump (view demo)
  • Young Love
  • Boy in Love (Watch Demo)
  • Quotation mark
  • I Need You (Demo Ver)
  • Boys With Fun (Watch Demo)
  • Tony Montana (with Jimin)
  • forever young (view rm demo)
  • Spring Day (View V Demo)
  • DNA (Watch J-Hope Demo)
  • Epiphany (see gin demo)
  • Seesaw (see Suga demo)
  • still with you (see acapella)
  • for youth

It should be noted that Songs on CD 3 of “Proof” will only be available on the physical album., Only theme which will be uploaded on digital platformnew song will be “for youth” (Hobi, Nam and Yungi took part in the composition).

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In a statement, Big Hit said, “The CD3 includes two previously unreleased tracks ‘Young Love’ and ‘Quotation Mark’, will also feature demos and a new song for fans, ‘For the Youth’. Expresses affection and gratitude to all. BTS towards Army”.

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