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Trackers need help for damaged monument in Guasave

Sinaloa.- kind or financial donation required Collective Group Las Rastradoras de Gusave To Rehabilitation of the Monument which for months…

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Sinaloa.- kind or financial donation required Collective Group Las Rastradoras de Gusave To Rehabilitation of the Monument which for months was set in the main barricade of the city’s Pantheon It was manipulated until 21 images of the faces of the missing were removed.

It has been a lack of financial resources that has prevented women today, who are suffering from the pain of not knowing the whereabouts of their loved one, from repurposing the photographs they had installed last year in a public place and from squandering their resources. installed in a public place. Where after many years they were found bringing them flowers and publicly revealing their disappearance.


Rosa María Coronel, a fundamental member of the Las Rastradoras group, is one of them. 28 mother living in agonyworry and misfortune Don’t know whereabouts of sondeprived of his liberty five years ago.

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August 7, 2016 was the last time she heard from him. The photograph of his son Espridion vila Coronel was one of 21 photographs that make up the monument, which today is reduced to a clump of material and they hope to rehabilitate, but for this they need to be used for cement, mortar, tiles, impressions. payment is required. And hire a mason, resources they can’t afford at the moment because they have dedicated themselves to investing money to complete quests that have yielded positive results in recent weeks.

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Mothers, Sisters, Wives believed that the damage in the monument was done by vandals, denying that members of some groups had intervened, based on the fact that they had not removed them from the beginning, nor The same officers are involved, as they believe they proceeded the other way, removing all traces.

He reiterated his call to respect the place where he photographs his disappearance.considering that they don’t hurt anyone And as mourners have a decent place to be able to grieve and indicate that they are missing them, it is no secret that Guasave, like the rest of the country, disappears went.

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Trackers need help for damaged monument in Guasave

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