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Tomato, avocado and chicken propel inflation to 7.68% in April

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) reported that during the month of April, there was an increase in…

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The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) reported that during the month of April, there was an increase in inflation which reached one. Annual rate of 7.68%condition due to which the period of leave could not be saved easter and easter,

According to the institute, he told that the inflation was 0.54% in the month of April itself. Similarly, it has been pointed out that an increase in prices almost doubles the objective. Bank of Mexico (Banxico)being similar to 7.7% of analysts pointed out.

in the matter of underlying inflation, which does not include more volatile prices and serves to follow the long-term trend, registering an increase of 0.78 percent over the previous month, reaching a at the rate of 7.22% per annum.

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According to the director of financial economic analysis bank of mexicoGabriella Siller pointed out that at least in the indicator Growing 17 months in a row.

non-core inflation, which includes prices of Agricultural products, energy and installed rates supported by the government 0.14% per month, to which he reached Annual growth of 9.07%.

The products whose prices have increased more in the increase are: Tomato (20.3%), Gasoline (1.36%), Chicken (2.94%), Avocado (13.94%), Corn Tortilla (2.18%),

In contrast, lightning had a 12.31 percent reduction in their prices, thanks to the Warm Weather Electricity Rate Program that benefits some cities in Mexico. Similarly, lemon, onion and banana also registered a decline during this period.

Banxico, which contains a . is Sustainable inflation target of 3% +/- by one percentage point, has raised its benchmark interest rate from the total 250 basis points At its current level of 6.5% in its last seven monetary policy meetings.

According to the data of Inegi, in the month of April itself 0.54% increase in pricesmeanwhile he The core index showed a rate of 0.78%. While the products that grew the most during the same month were tomatoes, gasoline, chicken and avocado.

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It was on Wednesday of last week, when the federal government led by Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorThrown away Temporary Anti Inflation Scheme With a combination of major food companies in the country as well as producers of cereals such as maize, beans, rice, however, it was highlighted that there would be no price controls.

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