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In June 2021, a young woman condemned the K player Boca Juniors Sebastian Villa Canning’s charge of sexually abusing her…

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In June 2021, a young woman condemned the K player Boca Juniors Sebastian Villa Canning’s charge of sexually abusing her in a private neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires and attempting to hang her in her home, in that case, will be confirmed this Monday before the case’s prosecutor.

In this sense, the complainant, who keeps her identity secure, will appear at the Headquarters of the Functional Unit (UFI) 3 of the Specific Instruction in Crimes Related to Family and Gender Violence, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Persons at approximately 9 pm. of the Judicial Department of Lomas de Zamora.

Under this framework, the prosecutor Vanessa GonzalezOne who instructs in reason, I will take the girl’s statement after writing Presented on the last Friday in which he described the incident that took place on June 26, 2021.

“It will confirm the complaint personally before the prosecutor”Assured the complainant’s lawyer Roberto Castillo.

inquiry details

As it turned out, as a result of the attack, The girl had to be helped at the Penna Hospital in Buenos AiresBut explained that she had not filed a complaint despite the recommendation of the doctors who treated her at that time. suffered a state of shockvictim “Fear” And was “Paralyzed”.

For his part, prosecutor Gonzalez Villa was forbidden to leave the country, a measure that was already in force against him in a case that is open to another episode of gender-based violence from 2020. In addition, the prosecutor also prohibited contact with the victim and her family group.

According to the complaint against the Boca player, The incident happened in a house owned by a Colombian football player in the “Venado II” neighborhood. Hours later, from the city of Canning, in the southern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs, he attended a barbecue that was attended by other players from the Xeneize squad.

the girl said met Villa in early 2020When the football player was still in a relationship with Daniela Cortés, and treated her as a person “Extremely violent and aggressive”.

What did the complainant say?

On the night of 26 June 2021, the victim told that the football player had taken “Lots of wine and more than one bottle of whiskey” and that i condemned him that, when he attended asado at a colleague’s home on campus in Eziza, “saw” to footballers.

Villa and Young after vigorous discussion they left the place and went home Soccer player with his security guard nicknamed “Vikingo” and a friend named Felix Benitez.

“What was the worst situation in my life that started that moment”pointed to the victim in her complaint, where she reports that after having abused and beaten by villaShe wanted to leave and faced with this situation, the Boca striker lowered her pants, He threw her on the bed and raped her.

Also, after abusing, the girl called a friend and went to her home in the city of Buenos Aires in a rental car from the Uber platform, where He took a bath, put his clothes to wash and cut himself “Jerky Short Hair Products”,

Whereas, The young woman said that she had recorded conversations in which the Colombian football playerthrough his friend Benitez, offers him five thousand dollars to forget “Everything that happened.”

It should be remembered that, This is the second complaint received by the footballer and scorer of the Ribera club.As he awaits an oral trial in a case that investigates him for sexual violence against his ex-partner Daniela Cortés, also Colombian, who condemned him for injuries and threats in April 2020 . . more information on



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