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“To me, the closet is everything that doesn’t make you happy” – People Online

“Actress turned Youtuber”. This is the first sentence that appears when you click on Profile @sophieliot from search engine instagramThe…

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“Actress turned Youtuber”. This is the first sentence that appears when you click on Profile @sophieliot from search engine instagramThe platform where the actress reaches 135 thousand followers, In addition to being known for his work as a producer, as a writer, as a creator of digital content and as a A ray of lightSofia has a channel youtube Thief Valentina GodfriedWhere they share with their community and talk about the path they take until they recognize their sexual identity.

Sophia Elliot worked on Stolen Lives and Television for Identity.

Elliot is a digital native, She uses social networks to her advantage as a locality to be inspired by her story and work towards achieving a more egalitarian world. he was chosen by + people As the second protagonist of a talk show hosted by Celeste Montanari, In which gender issues are addressed as the main focus.

“I came out of the closet three times: with my friends, with my family, and at work. When a producer tells you ‘don’t say you’re gay because you’re not going to work’, it happens in your day to day, in your workplace, in your job. It wasn’t me, it can’t be me.”

That statement occurs in the first minute of Seven Minutes as Elliot’s interview with Montanari takes place. author (he wrote with Valentina “Cheer up for being you: we all have a closet to come out of”) years after that moment explains how important it was in his life to begin creating content outside the traditional artistic and acting market. In this way, they found new platforms on which original and valuable content could be dumped: self-management,

people: What happened when the producer told you that?

Sophia Elliot: For me, work was to earn money, I had my freedom, I had freedom and therefore was able to choose what to do. And I lost it all. Fortunately, because it was an apprenticeship (…) I also wanted a safe place.

Celeste Montanari conducts each interview of the +GENTE cycle.

One of Sofia’s first projects in the cultural underground was “Mom, I’m gay.”, a web series that premiered in 2012: an innovative format at the height of many youtube users I influential people, In various episodes of the collaborative project, from a humorous side, the moment in which a man tells his parents he is gay, is recreated and the reasons for the reactions and the manner in which he reacts are put on the table.

He married Valentina Godfried in 2017. This is one of the most viewed videos on his YouTube channel.

Yes: Was it a condition you were afraid of or were you already certain of?

If: I felt that it was somehow missing to describe what a man experiences when he talks about his sexuality. But from a fun place, without being heavy or dense. I woke up to the story of a friend who, when she told her mother she was a lesbian, that the mother watering the plants, watered herself as part of her reaction. And I was the object of laughter, I said: “It must be a short”.

In 2012, when the series premiered, Sofia had not yet spoken to anyone about her sexual orientation. The production served to lead the way in experiencing the world from that side, eliminating fear and what was happening internally with his affectionate life. The project was self-managed: it managed to collect more than 400 thousand pesos in total from its audience.

In the presentation spot with which funding was sought for the project, the participating cast put it this way: “We want to laugh at ourselves. With your help we will be able to create a new chapter of a web series, About the different situations that happened when I heard or heard different people say “Mom, I’m gay.”

“Cheer Up to Be You: We All Have a Closet Out”, the book they wrote together and published Plan B.

“My mom is great and comes from a very complex generation with a very complex social structure. She was the kind of person who could really turn her head and I was lucky to be able to do that, but it’s a bit of both. There was a journey together and I realized I couldn’t force him. I kept my distance and let him process it”, she says of the moment she decided to talk to her family.

YouTube, Twitch and Marriage with Valentina Godfried

In addition to their personal careers in the theater and television worlds, the couple became famous for the content they create on their YouTube channel: they share experiences and help other people come out of the closet. Protected by same marriage law, Valentina and Sofia got married in 2017. The video is on that channel and after four years it has been viewed 641,076 times.

“The closet to me is everything that doesn’t let you be happy. Everything that oppresses you and darkens you, doesn’t let you come out the best version of yourself. That is”.

Yes: What’s after the closet?

IfThere is flexibility, freedom, lightness. chances are. I feel more powerful than ever. When I said I’m in a relationship with a woman, there were people who just disappeared, but I always say it’s a beautiful filter because the people who really love you are who you are.

clothing method

Valentina Godfrid posted a picture in the feed of her Instagram account in February this year. There he reveals the method the couple had chosen to start their search for a child. It is called Ropa and is one of the most famous.

“I learned it’s not a failure by any means, on the contrary, the love and experience we lived together brought us together and taught us important things. Mom doesn’t have to be perfect, nor should it be that way.” But if you decide to do it this way, keep in mind that although it didn’t work for us, we’ll try it again. We shared the vlog because we wanted people to see that all Something isn’t pink, it doesn’t always come out and if it isn’t, other doors will open. Thank you for the love,” Godfried wrote in the post as he shared the story with his followers.

YesWhat was not talked about and what should be talked about?

If: The importance of not interfering in other people’s lives is not discussed. To believe that you may have an opinion, for example, someone is skinny, fat, about their sexuality. We live in a society that is very concerned about what they will say and what others are doing. We also talk about self-love, we show that you don’t need another person to be a self-loving person and be healthy, whole and complete.

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