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To lose what is certain is to go in search of the uncertain!

What is visible in artistic guilds in Mexico is the uncertainty experienced by independent artists, companies and cultural producers, as…

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What is visible in artistic guilds in Mexico is the uncertainty experienced by independent artists, companies and cultural producers, as the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico continues without allocating resources for creative and artistic stimulation, with a cultural policy Federalism which gives priority to democratic.

Culture does not represent economic value to private initiatives, so it is not attractive to invest in productions that may employ artists and creators from a large part of the country.

Let me tell you that the situation we are experiencing is not just for the northern states of Mexico.

It is well known that there is a problem in the application of resources to culture, they have turned it into a crisis that is affecting the artists and creators of our country.

It has been observed how creative talents are enrolled in programs where drowning and crying is a constant practice, or they take up teaching or administrative work in private schools, certainly without any guarantees and social security on a temporary basis. with jobs. ,

Faced with this national crisis, artists express that they are used to organizing themselves into projects with a short duration.

Initiatives are undertaken independently, with conviction, that creativity is the existential guide in these undertakings, leading them to a reality where cultural consumption is limited, and the collective idea that the state or government is responsible for the production of artistic work. Responsible and free.

This situation leads to a great confusion in artistic guilds, which over time leads to frustration, that is, a large part of the guilds in their various fields and artistic disciplines called for federal programs encouraging artistic production. Lives in the prescribed expectation, thus using their existing need to grow in the environment.

This allows us to observe artists who, year after year, turn the call around without allowing new talent to be experienced as they are judged for their lack of experience.

The various programs that support artistic production constitute a common culture, although the current pressure creates a fleeting in the essence of contributing to the arts as a means of improving social welfare indicators.

Generating cultural entrepreneurship initiatives with a multidisciplinary integration will allow the development of participatory projects that will transcend society, forming an audience for consumption and cultural diversification.

The development of culture cannot be in the form of annual projects relying on calls or official events as indicators, they are merely reinvestigators, which is important and represents a completely tangible indicator for cultural development that can be achieved by creators, companies , is the organizational capacity of associations and institutions to promote and spread the culture of undertaking projects that will permeate and be sustained in its various phases and phases.