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They say that even the peak of power is the beginning of downfall. Something similar is what we see in…

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They say that even the peak of power is the beginning of downfall. Something similar is what we see in a project for a country that, beyond the grandeur of the dawn, begins to collapse in many ways because of its own recurring errors, affecting even its strongest institutions. Is.

If Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are not invited, the president’s announcement that he will not attend the US summit to be held in Los Angeles from June 6 to 10 is incomprehensible in the context of actual politics. President López Obrador says he prefers “universal brotherhood” and unity, and this is an illusion. We are talking about politics, and in politics there are democrats and dictators; There are those who respect human rights and those who do not; Those who succumb to the vote of the citizens and allow the choice and who exercise the longest dictatorship of contemporary times, as ruled by Cuba. There are people who respect boundaries and excesses, human rights, freedom of expression, pluralism, and who have completely abolished them, who accept and promote pluralism and jail their opponents. Huh.

In fact, whether or not to attend the summit is a choice. This is the same option used when deciding whether to support, as in this case a form of support for the Putin regime, when the invasion of Ukraine is not condemned and said peace is supported. when it is not equal between the invaders and the invaders.

And this is a significant error with respect to Mexico’s alignment in the world, right at the same time as we are facing a deepening economic crisis, when we are already working on relations with the United States and TMEC to move our economy forward. depend far more, when there is an unprecedented border migration crisis and when our entire security strategy is in question, so inefficient that it even threatens bilateral relations.

In the ideological blindness that characterizes the López Obrador administration, it is not understood that perhaps Joe Biden’s government is not as prepared as Trump wanted (the kind that President López Obrador says he appreciates because “he has worked with Mexico”. Well behaved”), to fire missiles against drug trafficking laboratories in Mexico (as the former president wanted), but they will not sit idly by. The US summit was promoted by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Mexico, with President Biden himself insisting on inviting President López Obrador to the final call, not going to defend Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. More incidence of a folklore speaker as it would seem.

It is no coincidence that Ambassador Cain Salazar was at the National Palace on the topic of the summit yesterday, at the same time expressing “his deep concern” about the killing of journalists in Mexico and calling for safeguards and respect for freedom of expression. Of. in our country. , something that the External Affairs Minister himself had done a few days back. Salazar’s demand was accompanied by a similar claim by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and other international organizations.

Along with demanding respect for human rights, Mexico has several demands for new energy regulations that will end up in national and international courts. There are also demands from Republican and Democratic legislators for the continued violation of TMEC by the Mexican government. Trade relations with Spain and the European Union are also deteriorating due to incomprehensible presidential statements against those countries and refusal to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
We are choosing and we, as a country, are choosing very badly: we are choosing a set of populist regimes, whether from the right or the left, that have become dictatorships or deeply authoritarian regimes , instead of finding our place. Democracies of the world. And we do it in all kinds of intense degradation environments.

Security is another example of this fallacy. There was a scene I didn’t see the day before in Nueva Italia, Michoacán: trucks with soldiers from the Mexican Army were being chased by hitmen from a cartel, with no response other than fleeing the attackers despite the address being real prospects. It was done without threats and humiliation. and reduce them. The Mexican state, or at least very important areas of it, have decided not to fight. It is understandable what happened when the governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedola, clashed with one another in a state controlled by criminal groups, with areas where public forces simply could not enter, leading to an infinite number of dead and missing. With, let’s just say that this is a war he will refuse to fight.

I don’t like the word war on these issues, it’s not about him: it’s about the governor, the president, the Mexican state, assuming their responsibility to ensure security and therefore justice to the criminal groups that rob society and state itself. And today that responsibility is not being fulfilled. And even worse, in the face of tolerance and a decision not to confront criminal groups decisively, the Mexican state has the strongest institution, the military, likely to decline as experienced by other institutions in the country. , such as the education system, health or energy.
Well this year so far eleven journalists have been murdered, seven in Veracruz and not a word in the morning.

to foolishness

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