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Tigress vs Chivas Preliminary Final

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- female tiger and female chive They will meet again in the Liga MX Female group, last time…

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Monterrey, Nuevo León.- female tiger and female chive They will meet again in the Liga MX Female group, last time they gave us a formidable conclusion Guard1ness Clausura 2021Now their rivalry will get to see in the semi-finals. closure 2022A phase they haven’t been in since Apertura 2018.

The confrontation between two squads who already know what it means to win the Pink Circuit title is one of the biggest interests in the championship, including its value to the number of elite footballers that each team has to continue. He thinks about his artists. Right to apply after five years of participation.

The tie comes with goals, which will be different than some previous occasions, as the first game will be played on the varsity stage – the home of the Felines – then the key to the semi-finals will be closed at Akron Stadium. Guadalajara,

Chivas Femenil is thirsty for revenge for what happened a year earlier when they faced each other in the Grand Final, which ended with the institution’s first bi-championship, and for the first time in the history of the Liga MX Femenil with the Tigris. For who kept the Cup at home after an extraordinary victory that ended 7–4 on aggregate.

Stephanie Meyer fights with Diana Rodriguez
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The story paints differently, with Rosiblancas increasing their number of points in the general table to be the organizers of the return game and arriving with a prediction in their favor that they will go to the finals and break a negative streak. get the possibility. His mindset has surrounded him since 2018 against Amazon who want to play their eighth consecutive final.

blueprint of John Alfaro In this Clausura 2022 it has already been shown that they are not afraid of volcanoes. He found an important point in the routine phase, thanks for the explanation Joseline MontoyaGuadalajara will be looking for a better resolution so that their journey to the pearl of the west ends with a leg up towards the final.

Chivas and rival Tigres in the semifinals
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The first collision will occur on Friday, May 13 at 8:05 p.m. (Mexico time) for 7:05 p.m. (Culiacán time). While the second phase will go on next Monday, in which the first finalist team of the tournament will now be known.

Tigress vs Chivas Preliminary Final

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