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Tiago Volpi returns to Liga MX; This is Toluca’s first reinforcement.

2022-05-14 17:43:47 Tiago Volpi /Twitter @@SaoPauloFC Toluca announced its first reinforcements for Apertura 2022 this Saturday, and it is an…

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2022-05-14 17:43:47
Tiago VolpiTiago Volpi /Twitter @@SaoPauloFC

Toluca announced its first reinforcements for Apertura 2022 this Saturday, and it is an old acronym of Mexican football, nothing more than goalkeeper Tiago Volpi.

The Red Devils announced the arrival of their new element via their social network

Volpi returns to Mexican soccer from the So Paulo club in Brazil and joins the team led by Ignacio “Nacho” Ambriz.

In a statement, Toluca recalls that the 31-year-old goalkeeper already has Liga MX experience, from 2015 to 2018 he played for Quetaro, a team with which he won the Copa MX in 2016 and the Supercopa MX in 2017. Before being signed by So Paulo FC.

“During his time at Quetaro, the goalkeeper testified to his quality, leaving a good memory in Liga MX, so now on his return, he reached Toluca with the challenge of fighting for the title alongside Luis Garca and Gustavo Gutierrez. One In addition to becoming a benchmark in the great Mexican football player, he has historically been a great goalkeeper,” the statement said.

The Brazilian goalkeeper started his professional career with EC So Jose in Brazil in 2010 and played for Figueres FC from 2012 to 2015.

From 2015 to 2018 he was a member of Gallos Blancos del Quetaro.

He returns to Mexico, coming from the So Paulo club in Brazil, and now as Diablo, he wants to contribute to a tournament in which Toluca FC is obliged to produce results.

Both the club president and his coach dedicated a few words of thanks:

“Tiago Volpi is an exemplary athlete and a great professional. To be in So Paulo’s history as champion of So Paulo was a well-deserved award,” praised President Julio Casares.

“Volpi leaves two examples, especially for the youngest: professionalism and flexibility, something fundamental to the development of our boys”, highlights football director Carlos Belmonte.

After the news was announced by the Corrisero team, the goalkeeper retweeted the Devils’ message and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity.