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Thus Tijuana supports players practicing motherhood

Tijuana, Baja California. This 10th May celebrates and honors all the mothers who have made the impossible possible and at…

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Tijuana, Baja California. This 10th May celebrates and honors all the mothers who have made the impossible possible and at the same time become the biggest push for their children, who plan to reach such a height thanks to their teachings and established values are making. The same thing happens in Liga MX Femenil and soccer players who practice motherhood earn everyone’s respect.

The Women’s First Division tournament features eight players who are player and mother at the same time: Damaris Godínez (Chivas), Monica Ocampo (Pachuca), Sumiko Gutierrez (Pachuca), Mirale Arciniaga (Puebla), Andrea Ortea (Puebla), Dayana Navarreta (Puebla). Juárez), Esmeralda Verdugo (Tijuana) and René Cuellar (Tijuana).

In celebration of Mother’s Day, two representatives of the Tijuana Feminine—Esmeralda Verdugo and René Cuellar—spoke with Liga MX Feminil about what has been the biggest challenge in their lives, each with a different argument as to their position in both. How to face parts.

On the other hand, Professor Fabiola Vargas and sports manager Fernando Arce talked about the example their players have in Mexican football, as well as the kind of sacrifices involved in traveling everywhere and focusing one hundred on the team. get support.

“They are an example for women’s football, being soccer moms and professionals, we know the sacrifice that comes with leaving your house, traveling, missing important events, I always want them to make it worthwhile. I say, train for your family, for your kids,” she said. former player

“We are very open, we understand the condition of being a mother and if at any point we have to lose a game for ourselves, first it is the finals and then the professional sport, it is also important that they are emotionally and mentally healthy. Yes,” added Fernando Arce.

Coach Fabiola Vargas, on the other hand, confirmed that being allowed to be absent from practice or games lies with his players, pointing out that they get extra work so that they don’t get out of rhythm.

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“I believe they’re going to take care of their relatives and they’re also going to have extra work, I don’t know if they stay unemployed and they do. Part of the understanding is that they’re not just football players. rather students, activists, mothers, wives, something that has to become something natural, but above all if they respond responsibly,” said Fabiola Vargas.