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Three weeks before the election, a controversial brand campaign in Colombia

A Controversy over the ‘Dirty Campaign’ mark Colombian presidential debate Three weeks before the May 29 election due to alleged…

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A Controversy over the ‘Dirty Campaign’ mark Colombian presidential debate Three weeks before the May 29 election due to alleged maneuvers by the Left to disqualify other candidates.

The protagonist is the elected senator of the Left Alliance Historic Treaty (Colombia), about whom a video was released over the weekend in which she talks Centro Esperanza Coalition presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo removed from the raceWith the explicit help of state controlling agencies.

“We’ve already burned Fajardo. It was a tough job in the Attorney General’s office, in the Comptroller’s office, it was a tough job and to show that this guy can’t be in the Presidency,” said an elected member of Congress. Said, who said he would do the same to Federico “Fico” Gutierrez, the candidate of the right-wing coalition team for Colombia.

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Zuleta is one of Fajardo’s strongest critics for the environmental and social impacts of the construction of the Hidroituango power plant in the Department of Antioquia (North-West), which was promoted by the presidential candidate when he was governor of that region.

Along these lines, the controller charged 28 people in 2020, including Fajardo, of their alleged responsibilities for poor administrative decisions in the construction of the hydropower plant, a case that was closed in January this year.

response of affected people

Zuletta’s statements supporting the candidacy of the leftist Gustavo Petro were criticized by various politicians, who described what the elected senator did. “Dirty Campaign” against the midterm candidate

In this regard, Fajardo himself assured this Monday that the video shows “a systematic and sustained strategy over the years” to “dirty” his “career” and affect the prospects of a project of decent change for Colombia. has come to the fore.

“Fico” Gutierrez, for his part, expressed his solidarity with Fajardo because he believes he “cannot let go of that is another area in a political debate”, adding that “we are a Finished with and going for another.”

“What they (left) know is to burn, to set fire to, and they want to burn and set Colombia on fire, but we will not allow that,” Gutierrez said. criminal gang.

The right-wing candidate confirmed that “Today Petro is affiliated with the ELN (guerrilla), FARC and the dissidents of the Clan del Golfo”, and assured that members of these groups were pressuring people in the regions to vote for the historic treaty.

“We are not going to hand them the country, we are going to defend democracy and freedom, which is really at risk in Colombia today with Petro,” he said.

Petro and “Fico” Gutierrez are emerging as the presidential favorites in the second round, according to a poll published on April 29.

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Polls conducted by the firm Invamar indicate that Petro, the former mayor of Bogota and current senator, has 43.6% of the intention to vote on May 29 and surpasses Gutierrez by 16.9 percentage points, reaching 26.7%, Which will require a second round that both will have a dispute on June 19.

The survey, commissioned by the newspaper El Espectador, radio station Blue Radio and Noticias Caracol, indicates that the former mayor of Bucaramanga Rodolfo Hernández is in third place with 13.9%, while Fajardo continues in free fall and falls to 6.5%. Is. intention to vote.

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