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This was the state; Everyone should be in jail!

Once again, one of the Mexican president’s most hated media – the newspaper El País – discovered what the governments…

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Once again, one of the Mexican president’s most hated media – the newspaper El País – discovered what the governments of López Obrador and Mrs. Claudia Sheinbaum had tried to hide for months. That is to say, the Spanish newspaper El País exclusively revealed the final opinion on the tragedy of line 12 of the subway – in Mexico City -. Where it is demonstrated that, once again the satraps of Morena intend to deceive the common citizens.

And it is that the newspaper El País unearthed a document that attests to the irresponsibility and guilt of the governments of Marcelo Ebrard and Claudia Sheinbaum in the tragedy, which cost the lives of 26 of the capital’s residents and cost the lives of a hundred Mexicans. changed the future.
It is a report that blacks and whites the folly of not only important allies of AMLO – not only the Mexican foreign minister but the rulers of the nation’s capital – at the zenith of placing Mexico and the CDMX in such a position as its biggest political crisis.
That is to say, the newspaper El País published in recent hours that those responsible for the tragedy of Metro Line 12 – in Mexico City – are the men and women in whom Obrador has placed his political future.
Yes, according to AMLO, the “Corcholatas” who will fight for the presidential succession in Mexico—despite the fact that they are the two biggest state criminals in Mexican history—are also the most profitable politicians seeking a presidential race.
But the biggest drama is that the DNV company—which carried out the expert opinion on the collapse of Metro Line 12—concludes what we said here from the same May 4, 2021.
In other words, the people responsible for the subway tragedy are said to be López Obrador, Marcelo Ebrard, Claudia Sheinbaum, Mario Delgado and Carlos Slim.
Yes, those who are facing their sins in jail today.
But it is also true that, as has already been said, official irresponsibility with respect to the collapse of Metro’s L-12 is nothing new.
Because, for example, from May 4, 2021—hours after the tragedy—, we all knew the origins of official irresponsibility.
For example, on May 4, 2021, here’s what we said in the political itinerary, which has almost the same title as today: “This was the state and everyone should be in jail.”
“The only thing that is certain is that the Metro Line 12 tragedy was a state crime; another crime of the government of López Obrador and his party.
“And why was it a state crime?
“Because the responsibility falls on President López Obrador, but it reaches Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard, Mario Delgado and, of course, Carlos Slim” (end of quote).

But let’s go to the parts.
What is the responsibility of each of the above?
1.- The main person in charge is called López Obrador because he is not only the head of state institutions and heads of Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and Mario Delgado, but he is also the main person in charge of the gross austerity policy federal to all state institutions. Government; Including the Metro Collective Transport System.
Yes, the main person responsible for the tragedy on Line 12 of the Metro is López Obrador, because of the austerity he neglected in the Metro infrastructure and all road and urban equipment; In addition to placing Florencia Serrania as the head of the mass transport system, Metro, ignorant of the most elementary on the subject.
2.- Responsibility rests with the head of government of the capital of the country; Those who have the city in ruins – a city falling apart due to lack of maintenance – and because it is run by a handful of ignorant people who know nothing and something about their commitment to being in charge of the nation’s capital Don’t want to learn either.
And why was Claudia Sheinbaum blind, deaf, and indifferent to the deterioration of Mexico City?
The answer is elementary; Because more than just ruling the capital, she used the situation as a political springboard, waiting for her employer to nominate her as the heir to the Mexican head of power.
Yes, instead of attending to the emergencies that Mexico City presents every day, Mrs. Schenbaum has devoted herself to playing politics and stealing money for her future presidential candidacy; Akanksha that went awry with Metro.
3.- The responsibility of Marcelo Ebrard is of another kind. He is also a favorite of Palacio as well as the “father of the creature”; Since he planned and ordered the construction of Line 12 of the Metro.
Therefore, he is the biggest scoundrel of a weak, dangerous project that Marcello at once refused to listen to the voices of those who warned that Metro’s L-12 was a covert threat.
And of course Marcelo didn’t care at all because he is also making his presidential candidacy in favor of dictator López Obrador.
What Marcelo doesn’t know is that his presidential candidacy was also buried under the rubble of Metro Line 12 and it won’t take long for his head to be demanded from within the Morena party due to the scandalous corruption cases unfolding today. Tragedy
4.- But perhaps the biggest culprit of all is Mario Delgado, the financial operator of the biggest job under the management of Marcelo Ebrard, the head of the CDMX government.
And it is that the current leader of Morena was Marcelo’s financial operator and, therefore, the person responsible for the heavy crooks committed in works such as the Metro’s Line 12. How much money did Marcelo and Mario stole in that project?
5.- And no one can forget the guilt of AMLO’s business friend, Carlos Slim, the true beneficiary of the great masterpiece; The head of the so-called “mafia of power”, who today aspires for complete impunity.

At the end of the day no one will pay for their crime, but everyone should remember that justice will come at the end of the “party” of corruption and everyone will be jailed.

And it is, whether we like it or not, whether the satraps in power want it or not, in the tragedy of Metro Line 12, the great responsibility of the state lay in the hands of López Obrador today.

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