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This is what it costs to rent a house in every location in Spain

price of accommodation for rent Spain grew 3.4% in April And a 4.7% Compared to the same month last year,…

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price of accommodation for rent Spain grew 3.4% in April And a 4.7% Compared to the same month last year, in square meters 10,89 euro On an average, as per the data provided by the real estate portal Fotocasa. This figure leaves the cost of the lease. very close to its maximum valueThe 11.02 euro, registered in April 2020, coincides with the confinement due to the pandemic.

Among the reasons explaining this increase, Fotocasa highlights inflation either supply drop, “This aspect makes access to housing even more difficult, because There is less and less stock and (accommodation) have a higher price», explains its study director, Maria Matos.

Autonomous communities where it has grown the most

Thus, the rental price has increased as compared to April 2021 16 autonomywith an increase that exceeds two digits in four of them. Valencian Community leads with a growth of 15.6%, followed by marcia (12,3%), cantabria (11.4%), Extremadura (10.3%) and Castilla-La Mancha (9.9%).

Catalonia You madrid are still Communities where renting a home is more expensive, reaching an average price per square meter of 14.60 and 14.55 euros, respectively. follow him Basque Country (13,53 euros), Balearic (12.25 euros), Canary Islands (10.02 euros) and Cantabria (9.89 euros).

93% increase in provinces

Square meters of rental housing have increased in practically all provinces of Spain – 41 out of 43 analyzed – although the most pronounced increase is recorded by huelva, where its cost is 43% higher than that of the previous year. Other areas affected by significant growth are lugo (18,7%), segovia (17,7%), The colour red (17.2%), Alicante (15.5%), Girona (13.9%) or Badajoz (13.5%).

In-spite of this, guipuzkoa remains the most expensive province to rent a house with a price of 15.65 euros per square metre, while Barcelona placed at a distance (15,56 euros). madrid (14,55 euros), vizcaya (13.09 euros) and the Balearic Islands (12.25 euros) are also comfortably above the national average.

Barcelona and Madrid Through the Clouds

Barcelona (18 euros), St. Sebastian (16,68) y madrid (15.7) were the provincial capitals with the most expensive rents in April, while in Alicante (21.7%), Segovia (19.5%), Barcelona (18%) and Málaga (15%) were the places where it grew the most in the last twelve months.

all districts of the capital affected by rising prices. There is an inter-annual increase of more than 10% up to the six limits, due to hub You latina The places where it has increased the most have increased by 12.3% and 11.6%, respectively.

salamanca It is the most expensive district to live in a rental home in Madrid (18.90 euros per square metre), followed by hub (18,69 euros), Chambery (18.16 euros), Chamartine (16.61 euros), Retiro (16.31 euros), Moncloa-Aravaca (16.21 euros), Argonzuela (15.49 euros) and Tetuán (15.43 euros).

eight of the nine districts of Barcelona They also faced a growth of over 10% in the previous year. The one who experienced the most growth was san martin (27.2%). follows him old town (23.4%), Grace (22.8%) and Fill (22.4%). As such, the most expensive place to live in Barcelona is Ciudad Vieja, where it is practically over 20 euros per square meter, and the cheapest, Horta-Ginardo, with 14.11 euros.

This is what it costs to rent a house in every location in Spain

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