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This is how they get the Jurado after having the figure against the Necx

Mexico City. – Cruz Azul Machine has returned in the final tier of Liga MX, exiting the league as defending…

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Mexico City. – Cruz Azul Machine has returned in the final tier of Liga MX, exiting the league as defending champions at Apertura 2021. This time, at the Azteca Stadium, they drew 1–1 against Ríos del Necaxa, but went out to the ‘winner’ 3–1 from the penalty mark.

Luis Málagón and Sebastián Jurado will be from the finish line from the eleven stages, the local goalkeeper being the one who did his best by covering two shots to his left at the end of the play-off match so that the Sky-Blue team CDMX won.

During the match Sebastian Jurado, taking advantage of his elasticity and height, managed to deflect each and every aerial shot of Hydrocallidos, three in the second half were able to turn the final chapter but the young goalkeeper, who gained Juan Reynoso’s confidence, took effort and heart. It would be the most important person for Cruz Azul to enter these opportunities to stop the planted ball.

After a spectacular performance on the green grass of the Azteca Stadium, ‘Cebas’ went to the dressing room of the cement team where the coaching staff and players waited for applause. Jurado, calm and focused, thanked his teammates, shaking hands with many of them.

The Veracruz youth squad took over from match day 9 after Cruz Azul received Puebla at the Azteca, due to the fact that the veteran, José de Jess Corona, suffered an injury that left him for the rest of the first round. Granted, he returned to the call in this reclassification but Jurado continued from the beginning.

The Inca coach respected Jurado’s regularity, with many accepting that decision, some criticizing his durability, but the goalkeeper raised his hand to block criticism for his performance over the weekend, choosing him as a starter can go. Closer 2022 quarterfinals.

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Cruz Azul Machine will face Tigres UANL in the Mexican Soccer League. The first leg will take place on Thursday, 12 May at the World Cup Stadium, while the second leg will take place on Sunday, 15 May at the San Nicolas de los Garza University Stadium.