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This is how the Germans and Chinese fight for the world automotive podium

To this we add to the six articles already analyzed using Fortune magazine and its Global 500 rankings from the…

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To this we add to the six articles already analyzed using Fortune magazine and its Global 500 rankings from the big world companies. We have seen the best companies in the world, big companies in ICT sector, Telecom, Energy and Banking.

In this article we are going to look at what has happened to car manufacturers in this century.

Without a doubt, it is unsurprising that the top 4 car makers were among the top 10 companies in the world in the year 2000. What happened in the year 2000 will never happen again, neither in this area nor in any other which we will analyze in future articles.

General Motors It was the first car manufacturer as well as the largest company in the world. Wade It occupied the second position in the ranking of automobile manufacturers as well as the fourth company in the world. mercedes benzWhat was called DaimlerChrysler in those days, was the third in this segment and the fifth in the world. Toyota It occupied the fourth place in the manufacture of cars and was the eighth company in the world.

The first two companies that year are American, but Europe places 5 of the 10 largest car makers. Apart from Daimler, they are VolkswagenItalian memorandum and French Peugeot You renaultIn addition to the three Japanese, Toyota, Honda You Nissan,

The turnover of these 10 companies reaches $946,000 million.

Ten years later, although the sector has grown by 13%, only Toyota is among the 10 largest companies in the world. It occupies the first place in the manufacture of cars.

in 2010, Volkswagen goes on to occupy the second place, which will alternate with Toyota in the following years. There are 3 German companies in this ranking: Volkswagen, Daimler Benz and BMW. The same three Japanese companies follow and two French companies disappear from among the 10 largest companies in the world.

For the first time ever, the Korean company is one of the 10 most important manufacturers in the world. Hyundai,

The decline of US companies can already be seen in this period. General Motors has dropped from the number 1 spot in the world to 38th, while Ford has dropped from 4th to 23rd.

For the first time, the business of this sector has exceeded one billion dollars.

Significant changes are being seen again in this sector in 2020 and 2021.

In this decade, the sector billed $1.6 trillion, representing an increase of 50%. Returns 2 companies in the top 10 in the world: Volkswagen and Toyota.

Germany continues with its three stars in the automotive sector: Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and BMW. The Italian Fiat disappears, leaving its position to the first Chinese company, SAIC Motor, and the remainder remains with simple changes of position; That is, the Japanese continued with their three companies, the Americans with their two companies, and Hyundai for the Koreas.

In 2021, Nissan disappears from the top 10 automobile manufacturers leaving its spot for another Chinese company, the China FAW Group, with which the country ties the United States and Japan, while 3 of the German top 10 companies continues with. World.

If we summarize what happened in this century, we can say that the two French companies owned by the French government have lost a lot of steam, in such a way that they have become frowned upon among car makers. ,

To this we might add that at the moment the Germans are in the best position of the century, billing 37% of the overall ranking; China placed 2 companies in the top 10, but there are 4 more companies between 11 and 20 positions.

It is clear that the big losers of this century are Renault, Peugeot and Fiat, but what is quite shocking is that there are 6 Chinese companies, almost unknown, that are among the 20 largest manufacturers in the world, and that TeslaThe one that is much better known is at position 27.

This is not to scare China: it is that every time we analyze the world economic zone we see how Chinese companies did not appear in the year 2000, and in 2020/2021 Chinese companies always occupy the first place. appear.

The big dilemma is how many Chinese companies will be in the top 10 in each region in 2030, and if there will be any European or American companies left, and within European companies, if there will be any English or German companies, as French and Italian companies are almost “mission”. Impossible”. ,