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This is how Christian Nodal swings his leg while singing

Christian Nodal At the age of 23, he was offered a concert in Guatemala, where he appeared very excited, as…

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Christian Nodal At the age of 23, he was offered a concert in Guatemala, where he appeared very excited, as he gave everything on his show, but suffered a slip as he injured his ankle in the middle of the performance. who took them to the ground, but he recovered immediately, as he did not want to disappoint anyone.

Although Christian Nodal made a publication on social networks with only a bandage on his legs, the video in which the leg is bent immediately went viral, as it can be seen as the leg of the double in Mexican singer. One very sudden way as he walked onto the stage, his face fell, luckily he put his hand in.

As if that wasn’t enough, Belinda’s ex-fiancé didn’t hold back his pain while standing as he slowly stepped off the stage, but he was in public for the way he was received in Guatemala. Although many thought that he would cancel his tour due to injury, the artist refused to do so, as he wanted to tour several cities.

“You can see it hurt, he bent his whole leg and all because he wore shoes with a slight heel to look more stylish”, “hahaha, heel failed him and my belly is already Makumba is doing his thing with haha”, “He whips La Res, tells him to go up to Tacos and Garnacha Wings, he just needs apples”, “Between the heels and what the boy is used to eating ;Okay, here’s the result!”, write network.

For those who don’t know, Christian Nodal has been very focused on his artistic career since he ended up with Belinda, who is also doing the same, as their breakup was so mediocre that they both lived outside Mexico. engaged, although it was stated that for various reasons the fans assured that it was due to the scandal that was armed.

It is noteworthy that many expected the wedding of the year with these two young people, but in the end everything went according to plan, as the singers immediately ended their love, which gave much to talk about.

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