Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Time is Running Out The conspiracy that the mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, is facing because of the political…

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Time is Running Out
The conspiracy that the mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, is facing because of the political trial, is not over. Today ends the first phase in which he will have to answer to the Commission of Inquiry, but the second chapter of 20 days to destroy evidence will begin. Here the first mayor can request an extension of the next 15 days. But it is emphasized that his future is already cast, that he could end up in a position in CDMX.


on signal
Ahom Bernardino Antello Esper, lvaro Ruelas Achave and Marco Antonio Osuna Moreno, are PRI members in more positions than ever before to preside over the PRI in Sinaloa. It is said that the Tricolor State President Cynthia Valenzuela was in the party’s National Executive Committee to look into this issue. Like it’s about time. He says that the three Ahom candidates are ready to participate. we will see.


stalled government
The mayor of Escuinapa, Blanca Estella García, hoped that, as had been the case during the previous administration, it would be the state government that would sponsor the main performers of the popular dance of the Fiesta del Mar de las Cabras. But, apparently, for Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, holidays are not a priority and he didn’t respond to the request yesterday, and probably won’t.


they won’t come back
During his visit to Guayasave, the head of Conapesca, Octavio Almada Palafox, confirmed to the fishermen of the region that their earlier and disappearing programs in this government would no longer return, that they were a thing of the past, so they would only go to Bianpesca. Support will continue. The federal official only announced that they would make an agreement with the state to help them with the surplus, though he did not specify the dates and amounts.


knits something
In politics they say that “nothing is a coincidence”, and unless they meet in a famous political trough, local deputy Ambrosio Chávez, federal deputy Fernando García, mayor Armando Camacho and Cobes’ former coordinator of Zone 03. know from Gilberto Ojeda, because they are already old sea wolves in these political matters. The Gregorian calendar indicates that there are still many years left until 2024, but the reality shows that these are political times.