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third floor

bond Far from the opening speech and respect for the work of the press, Sinaloa is in Congress, where Feliciano…

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Far from the opening speech and respect for the work of the press, Sinaloa is in Congress, where Feliciano Castro Melendrez instructed the new surveillance team to prevent journalists from accessing certain areas at all costs, including parking. , Is the legislator afraid that communicators see or hear something they shouldn’t? Shouldn’t they be completely open?

more is expected

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya was not very convinced to some Los Mochis reporters that progress had been made in the investigation of columnist Luis Enrique Ramírez’s crime. Warning his officers to withdraw if they filed complaints against journalists, but he says the most effective way to prevent attacks is that there are no penalties. Days pass and, as he admitted, the evidence is erased.

legal lethargy

This would be because they have taken the time to argue the complaint forcefully, but Mazatlan city council has been slow to file complaints against former municipal officials, leading to the lawsuit against the NAFTA company and the subsequent 141.8 million pesos. will be the reason for disbursement. as compensation. May won’t end without filing a complaint, says city council secretary.

drought havoc

The occurrence of drought in the Guasave region is causing great damage to the agricultural producer as they are now faced with not only the possibility that the next planting cycle will not be normal due to lack of water, but it will also mean that they are given Credits are reducing them to the national financial. If they want a bit not to release resources. According to 50 percent of the storage dams currently have, this prevents them from releasing all the resources.

with some interest

Rumors run and others are strengthened within the union of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewage of Salvador (Japasa) due to internal conflicts. It is assured that it is in the interests of the municipal government headed by Armando Camacho Aguilar to create the division, because those who sowed the dissent are the people who were federated when the mayor was the manager and they also assure that they Will form another union.

third floor

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