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They wrap us up in a much darker story with the ‘Batman Unearthed’ podcast

Sinaloa, Mexico. As a dark podcast that allows us to make a catharsis of the violence we have to live…

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Sinaloa, Mexico. As a dark podcast that allows us to make a catharsis of the violence we have to live with, it’s kind of instructive same day psychological thriller brand batman revealedThe story has recently been released on Spotify and seems to be where nothing is.

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batman revealed The first project to be undertaken as part of the agreement is Spotify Thief Warner Bros. You DCA partnership that will tap into DC’s vast library of iconic characters in new podcasts.

“My impression is that visually the delivery of the last batman (with Robert Pattinson) is the darkest, which turned me on a lot, but for me it left a lot to be desired in terms of plot and depth that these characters had before. I think this podcast comes across a bit to pick up on that absence, as it’s delving into those ’80s comics, by Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, who go deeper into the essence of these characters. let’s talk about where their holes are, the trauma of it, which is a fundamental part of batman”, says the director.

batman unburied David S. Goyer was created, like the brains behind iconic superhero movies Batman Begins You man of Steel, But the story has nine variations of the original script from the United States for Latin America, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy and Japan.

Hari Sama says working on this Batman story is fulfilling a teenage dream of his.

The story follows Bruce Wayne, a forensic pathologist who works in the bowels of a Gotham City hospital and is tasked with investigating the victims of The Reaper, a terrifying serial killer. Thus, the superhero must face his psychic demons while he must save the citizens of Gotham City as his alter ego Batman.

same day He explains that we will see the characters unfold in layers and it will be amazing. “What a wonderful batman It’s that it goes so deep, and there’s no good-good and no-bad other than that. In fact batmanIn a certain sense, he’s not even a superhero, he’s a vigilante, he’s a vigilante who hasn’t been able to process the horrific trauma he suffered from childhood.

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The podcast features a great cast of voices such as Carlos Aragon, Ana Brenda Contreras, Zuria Vega, Alfonso Barbola, Hernán Mendoza and Alfonso Herrera as Batman/Bruno Diaz. “I really wanted to work with Poncho, and I think he did a very special job on this series. I feel so lucky to have met him, he’s a great person, we’ve built friendships and a great relationship.” also created a special creative relationship”, he highlighted. same about the hero.

Alfonso Herrera does a great job voicing this Bruce Wayne.

Similarly, a powerful and shocking music has been included to spice up the story. “Regarding the sound production in general, we had to do an adaptation as well. To be honest, we went much deeper than the American version, even though they are the same script. One thing is a director’s vision and in this case I got an opportunity to put my vision into practice. We achieved a very disturbing piece”.

Finally, same day He says that being a part of this project is like fulfilling a dream. “I never would have thought that I would run into some of my favorite material since adolescence. Batman is one of the great pillars.”

The series will consist of 10 episodes, premiering every Tuesday via Spotify.