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They were Escuinapa. Presenting the Artists of Fiestas del Mar de Las Cabras in

Escuinapa, Sinaloa. – In a press conference held on the esplanade of the municipal square, municipal officials and the brewing…

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Escuinapa, Sinaloa. – In a press conference held on the esplanade of the municipal square, municipal officials and the brewing company announced the performers that would be presented in the maximal celebration of the people of Escuinapa, Goat 2022,

In the afternoon, the official ceremony was held, presided over by the municipal authorities. City President Blanca Estella García Sanchezuz, and beer company representative Juan Zatario announced the artists who will be performing at these festivals that were suspended during the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Unfortunately, the economic situation that the country, Sinaloa and especially Escuinapa is going through, has made it impossible for us to bring in the artists we used to be, but we believe and believe that next year, the pandemic With K’s gone, things will get better. And we can bring in a better cast. ”, expressed Juan Zatarán.

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The festivities will begin with a parade that will pass through the main streets of the city and continue the event. The Coronation of the Beach King on Thursday, May 20 at Maria de Los Angeles Street.

Saturday May 21 is a star artist Max Peraza, Los Hijos de Nobdi, the group Esenia Noble, a rock group, and the band El Puerto y el Ritmo NortinoThey will be the actors who will be present on the day of the Queen’s coronation.

on Sunday 22 Mayis a star artist German Monteiro, Los Internacionales Cadets, La Sonora Dinamita, Chapito Uriarte, Banda del Fuerte, a rock group, Juan Show, Banda Puro Quelite And on Monday the 23rd it will end with Soundtrack.

Meyer manages with state support for musical artists

The city president said For the Fiestas del Mar de las Cabras, he arranged with Governor Rubén Rocha Moya.The hiring of a stellar artist like Max Perazza will support them in a tripartite way, the rest will be contributed by the municipality and the company that will characterize these festivals.

“Inform you that I asked the governor for support for the Mar de las Cabras festival, where he suggested that it would be a tripartite support, I asked him for 500 thousand pesos, but he told me that it would be tripartite between the state, the municipality and the brewing company.This amount comes in handy to help us because in the situation where there is finance in the municipality, we are proceeding without anything, here’s what to give the people of Escuinapens to have a nice party and I know they are going to give this explanation We will understand that we are giving, but the main thing is the happiness that we are going to bring”, he explained.

He specified that the brewing company contributed an amount to the uniqueness of these festivities. 450 thousand pesos,

It is expected that on May 14, the party zone will be 100 percent.

Director of Public Works Jesus Sandoval Contreras reported that the work on the arbors is envisaged to be complete by May 14, and that 95 percent progress has been made in the installation of the electrical network and the installation of sanitation services.

“We have thought that by May 14, all the preparations in the party area will be hundred per cent, as we had some setbacks which were accompanied by delay in work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the death of those they were in charge of. Apart from working in the party sector, he started from scratch when he could not find any equipment,” he said.

The municipal official said the cost of parking for four days would be 600 pesos and 100 pesos would be charged from parties at the main entrance and all vehicles parked by the roadside.

“The measure is to collect a little bit of the expenses incurred, starting from scratch with the equipment when all the water wells were closed, the truth being that it was spent more than when it was done continuously, ” he explained .

One lakh 786 thousand pesos have been invested in the works of the beach sector.

Municipal treasurer Victor Hugo Camacho Milan told that as of May 9 there was an expense of one lakh 786 thousand pesos which are registered, some jobs still to be invoiced, but there is a shortage of 427 thousand pesos but the income is still missing. Toilets are available.

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He noted that the cost of food for personnel of the emergency forces that would provide protection to the thousands of escuinapens and visitors who come to Mar de las Cabras has not yet been included in this amount.