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They want protection against logging by supermarkets in Del Valle

neighbors of colony del vallein the mayor’s office benito juarezprocessed before public defender institute A protection so that no more…

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neighbors of colony del vallein the mayor’s office benito juarezprocessed before public defender institute A protection so that no more trees can be cut down to build supermarkets.

On Tuesday, personnel from the Environmental Crimes and Urban Conservation Prosecutor’s Office secured property on Gabriel Mansera Street where work is being carried out. At various places, the ministerial personnel put up security seals.

Maria Vega, a resident of the del Valle neighborhood, reported that about 25 settlers signed the Emparo Process. Furthermore, he recalled that neighbors had reprimanded the workers last week and prevented them from toppling a jacaranda outside the property.

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Earlier, the Ministry of Environment (sedema) had explained that a company paid 851 thousand 658 pesos Mexico City’s form of government compensation measures For the felling of 17 trees for the construction of the supermarket.

He called the project “The Eat of the Valley“January 6 was approved through a neighborhood consultation process in which 115 people participated, a mechanism that was carried out from April 1 to June 16, 2021.

However, neighbor Maria Vega questioned the intention to build a new supermarket in an area where this type of business is plentiful.

“We did what we did to protect ourselves, requested that no more trees be cut down, so that they could show us what the expected results were.” environmental Studies And the results of the survey of neighbors who say they have,” he said.

Environment and Regional Planning Attorney’s Office (PaotieCDMX indicated that so far it has a record of 13 complaints for logging in and out of place.

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“(It will request) the mayor’s office to provide a copy of the opinion, authorization to prune and/or cut trees and provide proof of restoration. And, in the event there is a request for felling of trees, notify individual so that he can adopt the construction design as much as possible for the sustainability and good growth of the existing trees”, explained PAOT.

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on the other hand, in Mixkok Towersin the mayor’s office alvaro obregónNeighbors reported that the owner of a condominium decided to cut down trees from about 50 years ago to make room for parking messenger service,

This was confirmed by Copaco Enrique Manriquez, who insisted that the settler David decided to start with the demolition and destruction of a planter. Work began last week, when neighbors arrived with machinery to cut the trees.

“They are green areas of condominiums. She is the gardener, the gardener started two days ago. Work had stopped because we protested, but he brought a team,” Manriquez said.

Since Monday of last week, David has cut down trees and, although he can’t do it any longer 25 percent To the total size of the tree, he cut them down almost to the root. He later tried to demolish a planter located in the middle of the parking lot with the intention of making special boxes for the courier van.

“He says (it) is for messaging, so that parcels can be parked. There are office buildings here and all their lives they have stood in front of them and there is no problem. Spaces are available.”

Residents of Torres de Mixcoque demonstrated in the area of ​​events and managed to prevent the demolition of the green area, moreover, they began to collect trees between neighbors and the mayor’s office, but the neighbor decided to continue the demolition Tomorrow’s planter.

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“Since they left the gardener bald, we brought trees, I brought a yucca, another person also brought a yucca and the mayor’s office gave us a cedar and another tree. They gave it to us today, today we planted it.”

They want protection against logging by supermarkets in Del Valle

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