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They transfer 76 prisoners from the prison where 44 were murdered in Ecuador.

Quito. – Ecuadorian prison authorities reported on Wednesday the transfer of 76 prisoners from the Santo Domingo de los Tachilas…

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Quito. – Ecuadorian prison authorities reported on Wednesday the transfer of 76 prisoners from the Santo Domingo de los Tachilas prison to another prison in the country, where The massacre leaving 44 prisoners killed on Monday was recorded,

The National Comprehensive Care Service (SNAI) for Persons Underprivileged (SNAI) stated that, “In order to protect life, order and safety, 76 people deprived of freedom were transferred (from prison) from Santo Domingo to another center, from where they will be taken to different centers of deprivation of liberty.”

The trick follows a similar one Six alleged leaders of criminal gangs The uprising that left bloody images was followed on Monday and that would respond to a rivalry between members of the groups that call themselves Los Lobos and Los R7.

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It also comes after 200 of the 220 prisoners confirmed to have escaped by the home ministry during Monday’s events.

new riot alert

The Santo Domingo de los Sachilas prison, known as the Belavista Center and located in the north-central part of the country, was the scene of new disorders and an attempted riot this Wednesday, as confirmed by the Ecuadorian Prison Service .

Regarding the latest incident, SNAI said “security protocols” were activated in collaboration with the National Police and members of the Armed Forces. After warning of events in prison.

“Together with the National Police and the Armed Forces, operations and controls were carried out in all the pavilions so as to protect the integrity of the persons deprived of liberty and to prevent harm to the center of deprivation of liberty, thus avoiding the said riot, A said. official statement.

broadcast video In social networks they showed several prisoners sitting Shouting at members of the security forces on a metal roof, apart from military uniform closed the prison’s perimeter.

Audio distributed by the network and attributed to medium security prisoners of that prison also reported some sort of incident and alarm due to the alleged arrival of members of organized groups among prisoners to the pavilion.

shifting the spotlight

precisely, Transfer of prisoners and leaders of organized groups Those linked to drug trafficking and those already involved in the violent settlement of accounts in the country’s prisons are making headlines as some of these movements responded to justice-mandated habeas corpus.

The SNAI director, Pablo Ramírez, criticized the fact that justice last month ordered the transfer of 124 prisoners from the Cuenca prison to the Santo Domingo prison, where another massacre took place in early April that ended the lives of 20 . prisoner

Juan Carlos Marino, President of the Provincial Court of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, requested in a statement the activation of a crisis committee to “adoption clear measures among the authorities involved” aimed at protecting life and bodily integrity. Prisoner.

Monday is the latest in a series of bloodthirsty riots Has claimed the lives of more than 400 prisoners since 2020, 63 of them only in this 2022.

The prison crisis Ecuador is going through has prompted organizations such as the United Nations and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to express their concern and call on the government to take urgent measures to reduce the prison population and control prisons. Said.

Ecuador is in the process of hiring 1,400 new prison officers, has announced 5,000 pardons and developed the country’s first human rights policy towards the prison population.

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They transfer 76 prisoners from the prison where 44 were murdered in Ecuador.

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