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They promise humanized births for pregnant women in Michoacani

Morelia, Michoacan.- what is promised today pregnant woman of Michoacán is offering you respectful and humane care during his tenure…

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Morelia, Michoacan.- what is promised today pregnant woman of Michoacán is offering you respectful and humane care during his tenure gestation period and during PartWho wants to reduce maternal mortality.

And it is that empathy, especially during the care and guidance of pregnant women. In new mothers, it reduces nervousness and uncertainty during childbirth,

They ensure that a conducive environment for the care of pregnant women is implemented in Michoacán, where it is monitored that from the moment women attend their antenatal control appointments, they receive their physical evaluations, free consultations, vitamins it happens. as well as programming of childbirth in one of the 27 hospitals from Ministry of Health of Michoacan.

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celebrated today National Mother and Perinatal Health DayWith a health fair focused on caring for pregnant women and updated activities for Michoacan Health Secretariat (SSM) staff.

During the program led by the Honorary President of the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), Grisel Tello Pimentel, a commitment was made to guarantee respectful and humanitarian care during labor, as well as a reduction in the rates of maternal deaths. Power.

In subsequent days, training will be given to health professionals, who will carry out activities aimed at reinforcing the care provided to pregnant women, prioritizing the continued training of staff in terms of respectful treatment and optimal patient care.

The above “l.” beforeImportance of maintaining physical and mental health during pregnancy, as a healthy birth depends on it and our babies are healthy and strong”, said Tello Pimentel, who commended this type of event, where To promote respectful treatment in medical units with affection and empathy towards women.

The director of health services of Michoacan, Belinda Iturbide Díaz, assured that in the state, good maternal care is guaranteed, as the aim is the correct development of pregnancy and safe delivery. He recalled that to provide emergency services to pregnant women at risk, the staff is trained to implement emergency protocols with mater codes.

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He reiterated that Michoacán joined the United Nations (UN) and Federal Secretariat of Health (SSA) strategy to improve perinatal health and reduce maternal mortality rates around the world.

They demand the discovery of Martha Alejandra, who disappeared 10 days earlier in Urupan, Michoacani.