Thursday, December 1, 2022
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They locate a body with traces of torture in Alota, Sinaloa.

Sinaloa. – It’s like this with a scar of torture body of a man found On the side of the…

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Sinaloa. – It’s like this with a scar of torture body of a man found On the side of the International Highway Mexico 15, during this Tuesday afternoon, a few kilometers from the junction of Elota’s Cross,

The deceased was identified as Alejandro En, about 55 years old. The discovery report was reported to emergency numbers, informing that a section close to Elota’s CrossFrom where it was informally mentioned that he was the victim, a body was found on the ground and police officers were required to answer the call.

The preventive agents assigned to that municipality went to the place, and after a few minutes, they saw a corpse, and the marks of the beating were visible.

Faced with this situation, he informed the Deputy Prosecutor of Southern Zone to handle the case. Moments later, elements of the National Guard’s Roads Division arrived at the scene, guarding the area, waiting for Visefskaliya personnel.

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Investigators and specialized specialists arrived and immediately entered the confined area to process the scene of the discovery. After taking photographs, he searched the area for possible evidence, later believing that the alleged perpetrators killed him elsewhere and left the body on the side of the road.