Monday, October 3, 2022
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They kill a mother and steal her baby to simulate pregnancy in Sonora.

Sonora. – Iris Jazmin “Ann” and her cousin Vanessa Lisbeth “Ann”, Arrested in Sonora yesterday on charges of murdering Adriana…

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Sonora. – Iris Jazmin “Ann” and her cousin Vanessa Lisbeth “Ann”, Arrested in Sonora yesterday on charges of murdering Adriana and kidnapping her daughter Allison Guadalupe, planning to rob a recently detained woman to simulate pregnancyChildbirth and thus retaining Iris’ passionate partner, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE) confirmed.

At a conference, Attorney General Claudia Indira Contreras Cordova assured that both women, originally from the municipality of Agua Prieta, saw the right opportunity to execute their plan when Adriana was found with her 44-day-old daughter in Nogales. Found in a shopping center. ,

“It appears from earlier interviews that Iris Jazmin pretends to reach a baby to justify a fictional pregnancy in reality, to maintain your passionate partner. For this, they made a plan that includes the search for potential victims,” ​​said Contreras Córdova.

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“That way, along with her cousin Vanessa, Iris comes to Jazmine Nogales and finds the opportunity to achieve her objective in Adriana and 44-day-old Allison, the outcome of which we all know.”

In addition to these two, Maribel “Ann”, 52-year-old and mother of Iris Jazmin, who is recognized as the intellectual and physical author of the crimes, was also arrested after she was found at the same address as the ministerial operation. was done outside.

Since last Saturday, it was officially reported that detainees stopped the girl Alison’s mother and grandmother at a shopping center, built trust with them and took them to her home, where they were offered food, which was treated with drugs. was replaced with.

This Sunday, it was specified that the food contains benzodiazepines, alprasolan and diazepain, which are bio-relaxant, sedative, anxiolytic and amnestic drugs.

Detainees suffocated Adriana after both women were drugged and left the girl’s grandmother unconscious, who thanked Allison for her rescue in a video this Sunday.

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“I thank you all very much for your participation in all the help you have given us, thank God the girl is back, unfortunately we cannot revive our daughter now but you have given me I thank you for the support you have given”, expressed.

Preliminary hearings against Iris Jazmin and Vanessa Lizbeth are expected tomorrow, for the offenses of illegal deprivation of liberty, femicide, attempted femicide, and felony robbery, and in the case of Maribel “Ann”, the crimes yet to be held. is not defined. to charge it.