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They guarantee the Aztec stadium complex with wells

Although the developers of Aztec Stadium Complex With permits not yet received, the government of Mexico City has already implemented…

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Although the developers of Aztec Stadium Complex With permits not yet received, the government of Mexico City has already implemented measures for the viability of the project, including the construction of one. drainage wellfive wells of aquifer recharge infiltrationOr capture the rain to reuse it.

Lillian GuiguDirector of Impact Assessment and Environmental Regulation of the Ministry of Environment (sedema), detailed that the developer would need 25 percent of the water from the extraction well to be built, the percentage of the remaining liquid, from the Mexico City Water System (sackmax) will manage it for the community and sphere of influence.

He explained that Sedema has determined that the company must capture and not waste all the water that falls during the rainy season, converting it to drinking water through a water treatment plant and reusing it. processing facilitiesFor sanitary service or ventilation systems.

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“They already have, but it’s not an authority, they already have (from Sakmex) the viability of water (…) mezikah,

“What they propose as a construction is a shopping center which obviously has a great number of roofs to capture the water, so all the roofs of the shopping center will become receivers Rainwater And they’ll go to a cistern,” Guig told Reforma.

He stressed that these are some environmental measures, but that a neighborhood consultation process is still needed to reach agreements.

official permit

“Unlike Mitika, at that time there was no question of asking people what they thought of a project of this magnitude, because now we have the possibility and if there are no agreements with the neighbors, we can do something. Not even going to do it will be made till agreement with the neighbors.

“(permit) shall not be processed till neighborhood counseling”, emphasized the officer.

He remarked that, like any project, the Aztec Stadium complex will have an environmental impact, but he should evaluate whether there is a possibility to mitigate and compensate.

He stressed that a neighborhood consultation is necessary to determine the environmental and social viability of the project.

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“The impact of what we reviewed about the project in technical environmental matters, is going to have a very strong impact, but there is a possibility that they will be mitigated and compensated,” Guigg said.

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