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They found the body of a former Chivas player burnt in Jalisco

Guadalajara Jalisco. , And Burnt body found inside a vehicle in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, from Jaliscowhich could be…

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Guadalajara Jalisco. , And Burnt body found inside a vehicle in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, from Jaliscowhich could be Antonio, “The Hulk”, Salazar, former player of striped goats And of which the same club confirmed his death.

Through a publication on their social networks, the professional football team sent condolences to family and friends The 32-year-old, who debuted with the Guadalajara team in 2007, whose remains will be located between the municipal limits of El Salto and the city of Tonla.

“We are deeply sorry for the sensitive loss of Antonio, “Hulk”, Salazar, who emerged from our mine and began With the Herd in 2007″, was the brief message of the Jalisco team, accompanied by an obituary signed by the former player born in 1989.

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So far, the cause of the athlete’s death has not been made official by the State Prosecutor’s Office (FE), a body that has assured that there is no identity yet to confirm that the lifeless and burned person, Anthony Treated by Salazar.

,No official ID yet.We are waiting for a genetic opinion to confirm the person’s identity”, this was the last report that Jalisco officials sent to the media.

Regarding the criminal act, it is known that the body was found this Monday afternoon inside an abandoned vehicle in Periférico Nuevo at the height of a gap that leads to a dam a few meters from the preserve. Hills University,

Following the report, members of the municipal police station were present as the first responders who tracked down a vehicle. White Chevrolet Cavalier 2018 ModelTill now there has been no report of theft and inside was burnt like a victim.

Officials also did not elaborate on whether the person whose remains were found in the vehicle was due to burns or whether they left the body there after his death and that would be part of what is known with the law’s autopsy. .

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Antonio Salazar made his 2007 debut with the Sacred Flock in a national classic against the United States, with three minutes of play. After three years in Jalisco, he went Jaguar From Chiapas where he returned to Chivas to play for six more months.

After that, the player played in the Liga de Ascenso y Expansion in the team of the Zacatepec clubs of Altamira, Tamaulipas and Morelos, so that in 2014 he moved to Costa Rica and played with Santos de Guapiles for a year in the Tico professional league. ,

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