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They find a minor dead in the Rio Grande waters

Chihuahua, Mexico.- A minor The age of a swimmer was found dead in the waters of the Rio Grandereported missing…

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Chihuahua, Mexico.- A minor The age of a swimmer was found dead in the waters of the Rio Grandereported missing with another minor originally from Angolawhen they attempted to cross to the United States.

The body was found by members of the Beta Group of the National Migration Institute (INM), Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila (Mexico).

The agents, following the river’s route through the water, completed the report on May 3, in which they reported it. the disappearance of two minors from Angola in the lease.

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Noticed that Smaller body floated in the region known as Santa Marta in the United Statesabout whom Border Patrol personnel have been apprised. Another minor search continues.

6 people’s sake

Meanwhile, on the side of Piedras Negras, Chihuahua, other agents of INM Beta Group, depending on the Ministry of the Interior, were arrested. rescue six Honduras migrantswho attempt to cross the Rio Grande so that the United States cannot enter the United States further and is stranded as a tributary island.

The event yesterday afternoon, when elements of the INM, along with a resurgence service, realized that migrants of Honduras origin sought assistance.

The agents went on an airplane to a site located in the region known as Paseo del Río, which is located in the middle of two international bridges in Piedras Negras, Chihuahua and Eagle Pass, Texas.

There were six men in the room: an adult, two adult women, and three accompanying girls, born 2, 3 and 7 years old, who sought to pass a law in the United States, but did not reach their goal because of the brave men. the currents and the depth of the river.

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The Honduran people were rescued by airplane and transferred to the Mexican mainland by Grupo Beta.

Adult staff of the INM Regional Office are in charge of the appropriate migration processes and three minors have been referred to the Program for Integral Families Development (DIF) and the Office of Defense Attorneys. Minor and Family or entity.

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