Friday, September 30, 2022
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They fear the closure of the high schools of Felipe Bacomo from El Fuerte and Rafael Ramírez from Culiacán

El Fuerte, Sinaloa. – School teachers and administrative staff Felipe Bachomo High School of the community of Charay, El Fuerte,…

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El Fuerte, Sinaloa. – School teachers and administrative staff Felipe Bachomo High School of the community of Charay, El Fuerte, and Rafael Ramirez From Culiacán, he fears that the Sinaloa state government’s SEPYC wants to close these institutions for two months due to a lack of withheld payments and the argument that they are private schools.

Julio said, “We think it’s the administration because it’s a different government, we hope they don’t intend to close the high schools. It’s a huge fear because we’re 18 as an institution.” Working for more than one year.” Baquesgua.

The director of this institution said that it would be very unfortunate if they wanted to close this school and Rafael Ramírez High School in Culiacán, where they also have to pay two monthly payments to the educational staff, for which they called SEPyC to consider . The importance of these high schools has not been shut down, and has also demanded that they be paid for the months of March and April.

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He explained that as much as he insisted, he had not been able to establish communication with the Secretary of Education, Graciela Dominguez.

“We’re insisting on hearing with him because we’ve already reviewed SEPYC’s human resources, and there they tell us that they don’t have the resources to indicate to us.

He said he had already sent a second official letter to the authority with 10,000 signatures from both the school’s communities and neighborhoods asking for these high schools to be closed.

“We just gave it to her at the offices yesterday, she told us she was too busy because of Mother’s Day celebration.”

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Yesterday, teachers from Rafael Ramírez High School in Culiacán and Felipe Bacchomo High School in El Fuerte staged a demonstration in front of the facilities of the Ministry of Public Education and Culture as the agency withheld payments to teachers and administration since March.

With banners in hand, teachers and students demanded that the head of SEPyC, Graciela Dominguez Nava, stop her attacks, as she said she had a clear intention to banish educational institutions, stating that the campuses are private.