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They do an operation in the deities of Ahom this 10th May

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – In order to ensure the safety of those visiting cemeteries, this May 10for the celebration of…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – In order to ensure the safety of those visiting cemeteries, this May 10for the celebration of mother’s DayThe Directorate General of Security and Civil Protection of Ahom will deploy police elements and road agents around temple Located in the urban and rural area of ​​Ahom.


Ahom’s Under-Secretary of Security and Civil Protection, Juan Manuel Figueroa Fong, said that preventive elements would conduct surveillance tours, and that police and government orders would apply to those found to be consuming intoxicating beverages or those found to disturb public order. Huh. Graveyard.

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“At all checkpoints where cemeteries are located, surveillance will be strengthened to provide security to people visiting these places on the occasion of Mother’s Day.”

The police chief remarked that review filters would not be installed at the entrance of the pantheon to prevent alcoholic beverages from being served, but elements of preventive police would visit the inside to ensure they did not consume alcohol.

transit operation

The Deputy Secretary of Security in Ahom said that the road elements would be concentrated around 20 deities located in the urban area and also in 7 syndicates of Ahom, to make arrangements for vehicular traffic and provide security to the people. At the entrance and exit of the cemetery.

“Hope everything goes smoothly, Mother’s Day attendance at cemeteries is much less than Day of the Dead attendance, we are going to do our bit to give safety to people, we will all work in a coordinated manner . Way.”

civil defense assistance

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Juan Manuel Figueroa Fong indicated that the Civil Defense Unit would also send to the cemeteries to provide aid to those who need it.

The Ahom Civil Protection staff will concentrate at the entrances and surroundings of the cemeteries, but if anyone needs their support, they will tour inside as in previous years.

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