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They ASE. Document new abuses of chemists before

Chemist in sight. Mazatlan mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez has not understood. And maybe you have to experience it firsthand. The…

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Chemist in sight. Mazatlan mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez has not understood. And maybe you have to experience it firsthand. The outcry recorded in his first three years as mayor is still fresh, not only in memory, but in the archives of the State Congress and the Superior Audit Office in Sinaloa. El Quimico insists on continuing to pay for that path and they already face two delicate issues. Authorizing the purchase of no-bid lighting fixtures for over 400 million pesos. Perhaps each lamp that costs about 200 thousand pesos (according to chemists) is worth it, which we doubt. But the authorization process for such a large purchase, considered one of the largest in Mazatlan’s history, is riddled with irregularities. Already a group of councilors from Mazatlan have filed a complaint with the Superior Audit Office in Sinaloa. He did the same in front of the state Congress. Another one from the chemist, who went down a path riddled with irregularities over the past three years and an example of the great impunity with which rulers act, misusing and misappropriating the wealth of those they are supposed to defend. claim. The second issue that could also complicate the mayor is that of Marcol Quionez, Mazatlan’s former head of culture, who justly resigned from Chemist, refusing to be part of the corruption rampant in that agency. It turns out that Marcol, who is a plastic artist, was invited to exhibit her work in the exhibition “Multiplety of Female Artists”. And shortly before the inauguration she was informed that she could not attend, but her work might. In the end, he decided to take back his job. The order seems to have come from the current head of culture, José ngel Tostado. The matter was taken up by Tere Guerra, the head of the Women’s Secretariat, who in writing requested the mayor to order an investigation into the matter, which was already considered an act of discrimination and eye-gender violence.

Fear set in. Attacks on journalists are not only those that reach the zenith of an effort against the lives of communicators, they are also the black campaigns that politicians and businessmen carry out when there is evidence of irregularities committed by them. Litigations such as libel, lies are also resorted to and the one that is currently most commonly used is non-pecuniary damages. Judicial persecution against journalists and aggression against press freedom are skyrocketing in Mexico. According to Article 19, “moral damage” lawsuits against journalists in the country have doubled from 2019 to 2021, the period under review. Among journalists who are facing judicial harassment, we find ourselves with Arhe Group suing us for publishing an issue of NAFTA. The attacks on journalists Felipe Guerrero and Osvaldo Villasenor have been through black campaigns on social networks. In Sinaloa, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya’s concern is to guarantee free expression to all journalists. Now, with the recent murder of Comrade Luis Enrique Ramirez, security is already an uproar, a demand. Black campaigns and lawsuits against journalists are also an aggression.

They ASE. Document new abuses of chemists before

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